Top 10 Ultimate Chicken Recipes

We think you will love these flavour combinations!

Top 10 Ultimate Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a great fridge (or freezer) staple and can be used in a whole range of dishes, from starters to mains. Eating chicken brings us together, whether it's a Sunday roast or in a sharable salad any day of the week. It really is hard to beat.

We love chicken for its simplicity – and, of course, if you're feeling fancy it can take on some tasty, punchy flavours. Around the world, chicken is a firm fave in many cuisines.

Check out our top 10 ultimate chicken dishes – there's something for just about everyone! #GetYourCookOn with your chicken suppers and don't forget to include this hashtag, and tag @asda when trying them out for yourself.


Chimichurri Roast Chicken

Few dishes impress like a whole chicken cooked to tender and delicious perfection! Enjoy a taste of Argentina with this chimichurri-glazed chicken, served with vibrant green rice and spicy corn on the cob. Yum!




Chicken katsu curry with easy egg-fried rice

Japanese-inspired Katsu gets an awesome side of rice and crunchy veg. This crispy chicken cutlet with curry sauce is super-simple to cook – and tastes so much better when it's homemade!



Sticky Chinese chicken bake

This easy sticky Chinese-style chicken traybake is bursting with sweet and spicy flavours, while sesame seeds add crunch and texture to the topping. How good does this look! Perfect with these peanut satay noodles on the side.



Chicken & cherry traybake

Cherries combine brilliantly with Chinese-inspired flavours in this easy-to-make, big-on-taste dish! A welcome alternative to the sweet and sour chicken we all know and love, this chicken and cherry traybake is made for sharing.




Baked balsamic chicken and Mediterranean veg

This yummy baked balsamic chicken is packed with punchy flavours. Pop this in the middle of the table and it certainly won't stick around for long!



Chicken Kiev with smashed peas

A gluten-free take on the classic Kiev, this tender, garlicky chicken and golden breadcrumb dish is a perfect weekday meal. No egg to stick the breadcrumb coating to the fillet? You can use mayo instead! 




Chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

Pair crispy, sticky chicken wings with this creamy dip for a killer combo! The best way to eat these tasty chicken wings is with your fingers, so be prepared to get messy!




Moroccan-style spatchcock chicken with dill yogurt

A succulent dish with a delicate blend of spices. Spatchcocking is a quicker way to cook a whole chicken, while retaining all its delicious juiciness. Perfect for the barbecue or when time is limited.




Crispy cous cous chicken with spicy tomato & pesto salsa

No breadcrumbs? No problem! We've switched them out in favour of a cous cous coating for this chicken dish – and it works brilliantly, adding crunch and texture. Serve with peppery rocket and the zingy salsa on the side.



Speedy spring chicken curry

Want chicken curry in a hurry? Look no further than our super-speedy spring chicken curry. It's packed with fresh flavours – and much quicker than waiting for a takeaway delivery!



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