Top 10 Ultimate Rice Dishes for Summer

The tastiest ways to serve up rice, from salads to side dishes and desserts.

Top 10 Ultimate Rice Dishes for Summer

From curries and stir-fries to salads and puddings, rice comes into its own in so many tasty dishes – and it most definitely qualifies as a store-cupboard staple. 

Rice is easy to flavour with seasonings, herbs, stock or veg. You can eat it as a classic side, use it as the base for a delicious salad or add it to a hearty soup. You could even form your rice into patties to make these simple veggie burgers, or whip up a quick biryani. Fancy rice for brunch? It doesn't get tastier than a spicy kedgeree… 

If you've got a bit of extra time on your hands to experiment in the kitchen, we strongly suggest you start with these straightforward, oh-so-delicious rice dishes. Go on, #GetYourCookOn!

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Honey Mustard Sausage rice 

A one-pan crowd-pleaser, this honey mustard sausage rice dish takes a speedy 5 mins to prep and can be on the table 20 mins later. Sticky, spicy sausages work perfectly with easy-cook rice packs, frozen veg and a sprinkling of fresh parsley. Delish!

Spiced chicken rice platter

Flavoured with a medley of fragrant spices, this chicken and rice dish is a winner! By dividing up a whole chicken then frying it in batches, you can use just one pan to cook this sharing platter of meat, rice, tomatoes, lime leaves and seasonings.

chicken and chorizo rice with mixed vegetables 

Another one-pan wonder! How can you go wrong with chicken, rice, chorizo and veg? All that's required for this paella-style dish is a little patience – the ingredients are added bit by bit, with some gentle stirring in between.

Hot wings with spicy rice and beans 

Hot rice, stir-fried with onions, beans and jerk seasoning – the perfect accompaniment to sticky, spicy wings! This classic combo can be pulled together in half an hour and feeds four, served with creamy coleslaw on the side. 

Easy jollof rice 

Similar to a biryani, this West African-inspired rice dish is flavoured with chicken, peppers, stock, chillis and plenty of spices. Top with fresh thyme leaves to serve – with a cooling drink on the side!

Seared tuna rainbow rice bowl

Does dinner get any prettier than this tuna rainbow rice bowl? We think not! Topped with sliced cucumber, radishes, spring onions, chillies, creamy avo and seared tuna, it has sticky sushi rice as a base. Serve with a simple soy and ginger dipping sauce on the side.

Prawn egg rice

This is one seriously easy rice dish. After stir-frying the spring onions, mushrooms and broccoli, add the rice and peas before the prawns go in – then it's just a matter of cracking an egg into the same pan and stirring it through. You can even mix things up by switching out the prawns for your choice of meat. Perfect for a weeknight supper.

Pineapple rice 

Looking for a great side dish for your next barbecue? Introducing our sweet and sticky pineapple rice… Mixing basmati rice with pineapple chunks, spring onions and soy sauce, it's just the thing to serve alongside glazed ribs, ham or chicken.

Rice salad with griddled chicken

Rice salads make the ideal accompaniment to grilled meat, as this tasty recipe shows! We've simply stirred chopped herbs, pomegranate seeds and spring onions through long-grain rice, then served it with grilled chicken fillets, griddled Little Gem lettuces and a tangy yogurt sauce. 

Fruity coconut rice puddings 

Let's not forget that rice also happens to make delicious desserts – like that old-school classic, rice pudding. We've given ours a tropical twist with coconut milk, pineapple and mango, plus a sprinkling of juicy, ruby-red pomegranate seeds to finish. 

Sticky toffee rice pudding with candied nuts

Made with dates, rice and whole milk, this sticky toffee rice pudding is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Topped with a drizzle of toffee sauce and a sprinkling of crunchy nuts, who could possibly resist?

Feeling inspired to try any of these rice dishes? Pick up any ingredients online, or pop into your local store to shop.