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Spruce up your Wonky Veg box from Asda with these delicious recipe ideas

Embrace the ugly: Asda's wonky veg boxes are here to stay!

Spruce up your Wonky Veg box from Asda with these delicious recipe ideas

Last month Asda trialled the new wonky veg boxes, in an attempt to reduce food waste. Intrigued as to how many people would embrace ugly veg, the boxes (brimming with fresh veg such as potatoes, carrots, courgettes, parsnips, and peppers for just £3.50), were initially released in 124 stores. 

Turns out you don't judge a potato by its jacket! The boxes flew off the shelves and, as a result, Asda have extended their commitment to help tackle food waste by planning regular wonky veg box drops in 372 stores at least once a month. With 10,000 wonky veg boxes hitting stores across the country today, we've rounded up some recipe suggestions to help you embrace the ugly in a whole new way. They don't have to be pretty to be delicious.


Comfort food at its finest. Grate and use parsnips as a rosti topping for a fish pie in place of mash.

Try it: Fish pie with root vegetable topping


For the ultimate brunch, slice peppers into rings and fry an egg in the middle.

Try it: Baked Mexican Eggs


Refreshing and mouthwatering cucumber makes a delicious addition to any fruit salad. Why not add some mint for extra zing?

Try it: Cucumber, strawberry and poppy seed salad


We all know carrots are delicious roasted, but have you ever thought about roasting and mashing them to add to sauces and gravies? You'll never go back to granulated.

Try it: Masterclass chicken gravy


A really alternative use for Leeks: turn the long tubes into makeshift cannelloni stuffed with your favorite pasta filling. Tasty and less guilty than carbs.

Try it: Cheesy Leeks


Lettuce leaves make a great carb-free alternative to wraps, but cabbage goes one step further – being extra strong and extra tasty.

Try it: Fajitas


Onions are one of the most versatile veg and go with almost everything. For a new twist on an old classic, blanche sliced onion in boiling water, drain and deep fry until crisp and golden. You've now got the perfect garnish for everything from couscous to rice. Mmm...

Try it: Roasted Vegetable Couscous


Weather dismal outside? Treat your tastebuds by whipping up some pan con tomate, rubbing the cut side of a garlic clove on some toasted bread and topping with grated or baked tomatoes.  Drizzle with olive oil and you'll soon think you're sitting in sunny Spain.

Try it: Baked tomatoes on garlic toast


Forget courgetti – for another Italian inspired dish, slice courgette thinly with a vegetable peeler and use to top a pizza.

Try it: Courgette and Pepper Bianco Pizza


Jazz up your coleslaw with a little hint of aniseed by shredding some celeriac into the mix. Use for topping on a baked potato and viola – your veg will be looking fab in no time.

Try it: Asian Style Coleslaw

Be sure to head in-store to pick up your own Wonky Veg box today, before they fly off the shelves. You can find out if your store stocks them here.

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