Unicorn cake hero

Unicorn hot chocolate is here to help add some magic into your day

It's pink, fluffy and topped with marshmallows - what's not to love?

Unicorn hot chocolate is here to help add some magic into your day

On a cold and wintery night, there’s nothing better than hunkering down on the sofa with a good cup of hot chocolate  - especially when it’s pink, fluffy and unicorn-inspired.

Filled with colourful sprinkles, multi-coloured marshmallows and lots of sugary treats too, unicorn hot chocolate is the latest brightly coloured drink to burst onto the food scene. 

The creation, which was started by Joanna Czikalla, owner of Californian-based dessert parlour Crème and Sugar, consists of white hot chocolate which has been dyed a pretty pink. It's then topped with plenty of sprinkles and an abundance of sugary products. 

And the outcome, is simply, well, magical!

The unicorn obsession has been on the rise over the past year on the food, beauty and fashion scene. We’ve had the arrival of the incredibly creative unicorn cake which is filled with beautiful coloured layers, unicorn toast and unicorn chocolate too. 

And it looks like the unicorn trend is showing no signs of slowing down, as the Californian parlour has an entire secret menu dedicated to unicorn treats.

There's unicorn bark to get your teeth into, unicorn drops to try, magical unicorn cake and colourful shakes too!

For those looking for a more classic kind of hot chocolate, make sure you check out our traditional recipe which is easy to create at home.