Unicorn toast is here to brighten up your mornings


Unicorn toast is here to brighten up your mornings

We all know that it’s not just about how your food tastes anymore. These days, it has to look good too – for the Instagram likes of course.

So, if you’re still eating a regular slice of buttered toast for your breakfast, well, you need to up your game. Because if your food isn’t technicoloured, is it even worth talking about?

Enter unicorn toast, the newest rainbow-coloured trend to hit Instagram. We’ve already had rainbow bagels, rainbow cheese toasties, rainbow doughnuts and rainbow spaghetti, so it was only really a matter of time before the trend came and spread itself all over our slice of toast. 


Unicorn toast, because it's Friday and you deserve it �� For those who couldn't find this recipe, it is now up on my website... Link in bio ��

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According to, the technicolour toast trend originated with food photographer and stylist Adeline Waugh, 26, who decided one day to dye her morning spread – a mix of cream cheese and almond milk – using natural pigments like beet juice, turmeric root and freeze dried blueberry powder.

She put it on her toast and shared a picture on her Instagram page, using the hashtag #ToastTheRainbow. It was quickly dubbed unicorn toast online. Naturally. 


���� (spirulina, beet & turmeric cream cheese on toast) #candyminimal #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory

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It’s certainly one way of brightening up your regular boring breakfast and we reckon it might appeal to younger, picky eaters out there. However, we’re not sure anyone’s got the time to start dyeing cream cheese and creating pretty patterns on their toast before work.


Color for breakfast ������ #goodstart #personalized #nailedit @thebodybook @vibrantandpure

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Also, even Adeline concedes that while the toast ‘looks pretty’, it just tastes ‘like a piece of toast with cream cheese’.

So, until someone can come up with unicorn spread we can buy ready-made, we’ll probably just stick to admiring the pretty pictures and eating our slice of toast with butter on the run.