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8 slightly more unusual festive foods to try this Christmas

It's not all about mince pies and pigs in blankets (although they're also delicious!)

8 slightly more unusual festive foods to try this Christmas

It's the start of December and if you're anything like us, you've already stocked up on mince pies, guzzled a couple glasses of mulled wine and had your fair share of gingerbread lattes. So what other seasonal food could you try out this season? 

Well, if you pop into your local Asda store this winter you'll see a tempting array of alternative festive bites, which are sure to be the life and soul of any party.

From yummy three-tiered pies, mini salted beef bagels and a marvelous Christmas smash cake, we’ve got some real game changers which will knock all other food spreads out of the park!

1. Triple layered pie

This rich and comforting hand-made pie tier is crafted with buttery pastry and is sure to suit all tastes. It includes a turkey, ham and apricot pie, a Long Clawson Stilton and cranberry ploughman’s pie and a game pie. Serve with fruit chutney for the ultimate pairing!

Extra Special Hand-Crafted Three-Tier Pie available in store between 15th - 26th December.

2.  Treacle Glazed Pastry Gammon Spoons

Nestled on a pastry spoon and scattered with a handful of crisp, fried onions, this treacle glazed gammon is sure to go down a storm. It’s even handier that it’s on an edible spoon!

Extra Special 12 Treacle Glazed Pastry Gammon Spoons available online and in store now until 26th December.

3. Seafood shots

This trio of luxurious seafood shots will be the pièce de résistance on your table. There's a beetroot and lemon mousse shot that's topped with Extra Special smoked salmon julienne and clementine pearls, or you could try the poached salmon and pea layered shot topped with poached salmon.

There's also the horseradish mousse shot with picked cucumber jelly, pink peppercorns and peppered mackerel flakes. 

Extra Special Seafood Shots available available online and in store between 15th – 31st December.

4. Hand-finished chocolate tree

If you just want some luxury chocolate to go with your after-dinner coffee, this Extra Special hand-finished Belgian chocolate tree is a real show-stopper. It comes adorned with chocolate truffles disguised as golden baubles that your guests can pick off one by one. 

Extra Special Hand Finished Belgian Chocolate Tree available online and in store now until 26th December.

5. Whole salmon

This Christmas why not try cooking a whole salmon for all your loved ones? Not only is it easy to cook (if you use whole salmon recipe), but it's sure to be a showstopper on your dining table.

Fishmonger's Selection Whole Salmon available online and in store now.

6. Glitter star pork and cranberry sausage rolls

This party favourite contains a pork filling with cranberry sauce and will add an extra touch of sparkle to your table, thanks to the dusting of edible silver glitter. 

ASDA Christmas Pork & Cranberry Glitter Star Rolls available online and in store now until 31st December.

7. Christmas smash cake

Wow your guests with Asda's show-stopping Christmas pudding smash cake. It's the perfect finale to any feast as this chocolate alternative consists of a moist chocolate sponge cake topped with a milk chocolate dome-decorated with marshmallow frosting.

Break a hole in the dome to reveal a surprise chocolate malt ball and edible gold star centre.

ASDA Christmas Smash Cake available in store between 5th - 26th December.

8. Italian Panettone and Prosecco Pudding

Or, you could try the Italians' take on a Christmas pud, with this twist on a Panettone. The light sponge is infused with a sauce that combines prosecco, brandy and cinnamon. What could be more merry than that? 

Extra Special Italian Panettone & Prosecco Pudding available online and in store now until 26th December.

To check out all of Asda's festive food products, make sure you head down to your local Asda store or check out our dedicated online Christmas store.