Delicious vegan recipes for all the family

Stay inspired with 2 weeks-worth of recipes

Delicious vegan recipes for all the family

The first month of the year marks Veganuary – and after weeks of massive meaty meals and giant cheese platters, most of us could do with a bit of a change of diet.

With this in mind, we've compiled a meal plan to help you complete Veganuary without feeling like you're missing out or breaking the bank. From burgers to curries and steaks, there are so many delicious recipes to try!

It is always a good idea to double-check the label when you're shopping for ingredients to make sure that what you're popping in your basket is suitable for vegans, especially when it comes to things like stock cubes and curry pastes. 

Here are some ideas for breakfast, lunch and desserts – plus 14 family-friendly dinner recipes to inspire your shopping lists!


Breakfast can be tricky without eggs and dairy, but there are plenty of alternatives and simple swaps to keep you going. 

Time is of the essence on weekday mornings, when we're in a rush to leave the house – for this reason, toast is an ideal brekkie option. Peanut butter on toast (yes, most bread is vegan) is delicious on its own, but even better when topped with fresh berries, banana and cherries. Using rye bread, as in this recipe, creates a substantial, tasty and wholesome base for all that fruit.

If you're a fan of cereal, there's no need to give up your favourite breakfast - try using a plant-based milk like almond milk or soya milk instead. Or why not try making your own overnight oats. Simply pop almond milk, poppy seeds, maple syrup, peanut butter and oats in a jar before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning it will be nicely mixed together and ready to eat. Porridge fans will love the flavours in our vegan carrot cake flavour oats - made with almond milk and packed with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins and walnuts.

Egg fans, why not try avocado on toast topped with seeds or fresh chilli? Or fry off some mushrooms or tomatoes for a delicious toast topper.

And if you've been gifted a nutri-bullet for Christmas, this pineapple and watercress or this kale and green apple smoothie are ideal for getting you off on the right foot in the morning. You could even take your drink out of the house with you if you're in a hurry.


When it comes to lunchtimes, it's time to think beyond the Cheddar and honey roast ham.

Soup is a great go-to when you want something healthy, hot and filling. Like a smoothie, you can throw pretty much anything into a soup. This vegan spiced parsnip bisque has a thick, silky texture, thanks to the addition of coconut milk.

If you're a fan of sandwiches or need something transportable, try spreading houmous over bread and topping with olives and roasted red peppers. If you're home for lunch, why not grill some pitta and dip in this delicious pea 'mockamole' or whip up a delicious substantial salad, like this flavour-packed pearl barley and nuts.

For something a little gooier, try one of these four vegan toasties. They are lick-smackingly good and whether you fancy a classic mozzarella alternative, tomato and pesto or a vegan smoky cheese alternative, pepper, and avocado, there's a combo for everyone!

Falafel is a real winner when it comes to a vegan diet. You can pop them in a wrap with houmous and rocket or serve on rice with pickled cabbage. 


Curries, both Thai and Indian, are going to become your new best friend - as are your spice cupboard and condiments. Stock up on lentils as you can throw these into everything from pasta sauces to soups and dhals.

This saag 'paneer' is a fragrant curry with a sneaky twist - instead of using the traditional Indian cheese paneer, the recipe uses tofu! With lots of spinach too and a cream alternative, it's a treat of a dish. Keeping along the curry theme, this vegan tofu panang peanut curry is sure to please a crowd. Each mouthful is packed full of goodness and texture with spices, sweet potato and crunchy peanuts. 

More of a pasta person? Homemade tomato sauce with basil can be made ahead and frozen - so whenever you're short on time, just add it to some pasta or rice. Throw in some pulses or tofu if you're in need of some protein. Or you can make an oh-so-comforting take on a cheesy classic with this vegan mac 'n' cheese - in this clever recipe puréed cauliflower replaces the traditional white sauce. 

Don't forget chilli - a meaty favourite, it can very easily be turned into a vegan dinner. This recipe uses broad beans and kidney beans plus all those favourite spices to create an amazing depth of flavour. It's served with cauliflower rice to make the dish lighter, but you could also opt for traditional rice.

And don't think that a vegan diet doesn't mean you can't serve burgers. These vegan bean burgers served with crispy baked courgette chips are easy to whip up and perfect for getting the kids involved. Get them to help mash all the ingredients together and shape into burger patties.

Still after more ideas?

Here are 14 satisfying suppers to keep you going for the last two weeks of Veganuary, from soups and stews to salads and veggie 'steaks'. Click through on each image for the recipes.


Desserts and bakes often contain some form of eggs or dairy, but there are lots of new recipes that use clever ways of binding cake mixes together and alternatives to butter. 

This parsnip, fruit and nut cake uses dairy-free sunflower spread instead of butter and no eggs, so definitely a weekend winner. If you're having people round for dinner and want a quick and easy vegan dessert then look no further than this kiwi lime sorbet. It's made with only three ingredients and will be a refreshing end to your meal.

A lovely option for summer is this vegan bakewell tart, which subsititutes butter for coconut oil, and maple syrup in place of sugar. Delicious with a spoonful of soya yogurt.


Find that your stomach is rumbling at 4pm? Have a snack ready to keep you going.

These dark chocolate flapjacks are packed with dried apricots, mango, seeds, goji berries and nuts. Containing no added sugar (yay!), a layer of chocolate on the top makes them feel deceptively indulgent. Another great pick-me-up? These vegan chocolate creme cookies, which are made by blending nuts and dates and have a creamy cashew butter filling, are the perfect bickies to have with a cuppa, come elevenses.


Find all the ingredients you need for a vegan dinner online or at your local Asda store.