4 super tasty vegan steak recipes

Make vegetables the star of the show with these fresh, vibrant vegan steaks

4 super tasty vegan steak recipes

Looking for a fancy vegan or vegetarian dinner you can whip up in a flash? Pick from a range of vibrant veggies and transform them into the star of the show with the perfect seasoning. The bonus? These delicious steaks are perfect for serving up for your loved one on date night or double up the recipe to wow your crowd with a tempting vegan feast. 

Red cabbage steak with herb melt 

These thick roasted slices of vibrant, winter veg have crispy edges and a deliciously nutty flavour. Top with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and chopped nuts for added crunch. 

Sweet potato steaks with salsa

Is there anything you can't do with a sweet potato? These caramelised vegetable rounds have North African-inspired flavours and a satisfying bite. Serve with rice and a squeeze of lime. 

jumbo Mushroom steaks with chimichurri sauce 

For flexitarians in search of a meaty bite, these mushroom steaks make a great vegan alternative. Season with chimichurri sauce for a fresh, herby kick. 

Aubergine steaks with pesto 

Griddled for a smoky taste, these aubergine tender slices have a delicious melt in the mouth texture.  Serve with fresh pesto and spiced yoghurt for added zing. 


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