3 totally tasty veggie recipes made with jackfruit

Juicy with a flaky texture, jackfruit makes a brilliant slow-cooked meat substitute

3 totally tasty veggie recipes made with jackfruit

With a flaky texture, similar to slow-cooked meats, jackfruit makes an excellent vegan or vegetarian substitute for your barbecue classics.

Originating from South East Asia, this may be an exotic fruit, but it isn't sweet whatsoever - making it a brilliant meat alternative.

Mostly, jackfruit is available in the UK chopped into chunks and tinned, so there's minimal prep. It also doesn't require any slow-cooking, unlike its doppelgänger pulled pork..!

Check out some of our favourite ways to cook this juicy meat-substitute below.

Vegan pulled jackfruit burger with mango salsa

One of the best things about jackfruit is its naturally mild flavour, meaning it's brilliant at soaking up any other flavours you add to it - as is the case in this BBQ sauce-laden 'sloppy joe' style sandwich. Zesty flavours and a spicy kick make this hearty, meaty textured plant-based burger sing.

jackfruit gyros with greek salad

Flaky jackfruit becomes crisp and grizzly when fried to perfection with some herby seasoning, making it the perfect meat-free alternative to a charcoal-grilled gyros. Bursting with crunchy veg and fresh flavours, these vegetarian wraps are a real winner.

Fully loaded jackfruit nachos

What better food to snuggle down with on movie night than a tray of bubbling, cheesy nachos?

Meat-free? No problem. Jackfruit plus tomato salsa, salty tortilla chips and gooey melted cheese equals utter perfection. 

Have our jackfruit recipes got your craving some plant-based goodness? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.