18 vegetarian recipes - that aren’t made with chickpeas!

Veggie dishes so good, you won’t even miss the meat!

By Alexia Dellner, 06 March 2017
18 vegetarian recipes - that aren’t made with chickpeas!

Whether you’re a full on veggie or just want to try cutting back on meat, whipping up some tasty vegetarian recipes is simple and fuss-free. And opting for a meat-free dish doesn't mean sacrificing on flavour either - or eating houmous every day - although you can if you want to! With so many fresh fruits and vegetables on offer in store, not forgetting our offering of exotic veggies like okra and dudhi, plus hearty grains and pulses at your disposal, it's easy to satisfy your taste buds and your stomach.

Forget dull meat substitutes and boring beans on toast, we've rounded up 12 vegetarian recipes that are full of flavour, nutrients, colour and texture.

Forget boring beans on toast, we've rounded up 18 vegetarian recipes that are full of flavour, nutrients, colour and texture. These dishes look as good as they taste! From a beetroot and asparagus tart that will seriously wow friends, to the veggie-loaded pizza that kids will love, there's something for everyone.

And happily, these vegetarian recipes require minimum effort and time (unlike many meat-based dishes like stews and roasts that usually need a good deal of time in the oven), making them super simple to whip up and fit into your recipe rotation. Plus, you may even find that you can make whole meals out of your freezer - did you know you can buy frozen rice and quinoa now? 

Of course if you're short on time, then there's always the sneaky alternative of a quick ready meal instead! Check out our whole collection of vegetarian ready meals online.

Get ready to tuck into these hearty vegetarian recipes - just in time for Veggie Month this March. 

Courgette pizza bianco

Watch the kids tuck in to this tasty pizza topped with courgettes, creamy Greek yoghurt, lemon zest and mint leaves. Fast, fresh and flavourful - what more could you want?

Butternut squash quesadillas

A quick and easy supper; the whole family will love these tasty butternut squash ‘toasties.’ They're delicious served with a fresh, Mexican-style salsa – just mix chopped tomatoes, chilli, red onion and a little lime juice.

Asparagus & beetroot tarts

Looking for a sophisticated veggie starter to dish up to friends? These gorgeous asparagus and beetroot tarts are just the thing. Butternut squash makes a great alternative to beetroot and works just as well with asparagus. 

Veggie sausage & kale pasta

Ease into a vegetarian diet with these hearty bangers - they have a great taste and texture that’ll keep meat lovers happy. Or use Asda Chicken Style Pieces as an alternative. Get the veggie sausage and kale pasta recipe here.

Quinoa & beetroot burger

Think meat-free means forgoing burgers? Think again. This quinoa and beetroot burger is a tasty veggie-packed alternative to the meat-lovers classic. Plus, did you know that Asda now sell frozen herbs? They're ideal for adding small amounts into recipes without having to throw away whole bags of limp fresh herbs. Get your hands on this frozen parsley to pop into your burgers. 

Watercress And Feta Flatbreads With Za'atar

This Greek-inspired snack packs a real flavour punch as it's seasoned with za'atar, a Middle Eastern blend of sesame, herbs and spice. Extra bonus? It only takes 10 minutes to make!

Pomegranate, butternut & cauliflower cous cous

This colourful couscous dish almost looks too pretty to eat. A flavour-packed twist on the North African staple.

Sweet potato, spinach & feta quiche

Store-bought shortcrust pastry makes this dish a cinch to whip up, while the tangy feta beautifully complements the sweet veg in this savoury tart. Serve with a green salad and some fresh tomatoes. 

Aubergine & bulgur wheat rolls

Chock full of yummy flavours like beetroot, parsnip, pomegranate, apple and pecans, this is a delicious and filling vegetarian dish. Get the aubergine and bulgur wheat rolls recipe here. 

Mushroom & lentil ragu with spaghetti

This cheap and cheerful pasta sauce recipe uses lentils as a low-cost vegetarian substitute for mince, plus packs in three of your five-a-day!

Pea croquettes with beetroot salad

Much healthier than your ‘average croquette’, these pea croquettes are baked rather than fried. The beetroot salad makes a colourful accompaniment. 

Macaroni cheese

Is there anything tastier than macaroni cheese? NO. And meat eaters won't want to be adding anything to this fine specimen. Get the macaroni cheese recipe.

Mattar paneer curry with peas and cheese 

This tasty veggie curry is ready in just 15 minutes and is just as good to serve reheated the next day! You have to try this lovely mattar paneer curry with peas recipe

Mexican lasagne

This genius idea combines a mixed bean chilli sauce made from canned beans with layers of tortillas. The Mexican lasagne will soon be your new favourite dinner. 

Asparagus filo pie

Asparagus, spinach, ricotta and feta in golden filo pastry makes for an indulgent veggie treat. This asparagus filo pie makes an easy but impressive main dinner recipe. 

Oriental nut stir-fry

Get your taste buds going with this nutritious Oriental nut stir-fry… and it only takes minutes to prepare. 

Vegetable chilli with brown rice

Squash and turnips give plenty of meat-like texture to this lovely vegetable chilli. Add chilli flakes to spice things up another level. You could even pop it into a burrito the next day for a travel-friendly lunch.

Vegetable moussaka 

Meat-free and full of flavour, this gorgeous vegetable moussaka makes a great hearty vegetarian dinner. 

Stock up on everything you'll need to create these delicious vegetarian dishes online, or pop into your local store.