The best quick and easy vegetarian recipes

Being meat-free has never been so easy

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The best quick and easy vegetarian recipes

Whether you've decided to go vegetarian, vegan, or just cut down on your meat intake, it's great to have a few simple recipes up your sleeve. Losing the meat doesn't mean compromising on flavour – and you might even shave a penny or two off that grocery bill.

In honour of National Vegetarian Week, we've rounded up our favourite vegetarian recipes, from comfort food classics like pie, to seasonal pasta dishes, and even burgers. Bon appetit!

jackfruit gyros with greek salad

Craving meat? Try jackfruit. This versatile fruit can be used in dishes ranging from cakes to curries - when unripe they have a milder taste and meaty texture. Our gyros recipe is so speedy to throw together – top with creamy, minty yogurt and serve alongside a fresh Greek salad.

tenderstem broccoli and pesto pasta

What could be more versatile than pasta? Delicious with spring veg, autumnal squash or tangy tomato sauce, the options are endless. We love this broccoli and pesto recipe. Quick and easy to knock together, only a handful of ingredients is needed – don't forget to throw on some Parmesan and mozzarella before it goes in the oven (nothing beats that bubbling, cheesy topping).

vegan bean burgers with crispy courgette chips

A food processor will make short work of these bean burgers - simply blitz up beetroot, kidney beans and porridge oats with tasty seasonings like peanut butter, chipotle and garam masala. Divide the mixture into patties before refridgerating, and later frying. We've served our burgers with addictive crispy courgette chips. This meal is totally vegan, since vegan mayo, cheese and breadcrumbs have been used. Winner!

Classic Ratatouille 

A traditional French fave – and vegan, too! This delicious dish comprised of Mediterranean veg in a velvety tomato sauce contains all the tasty, caramelised flavours of a slow-cooked meal in just an hour and a half of prep and cooking. Try serving hot with rice, or cold with salad. 

Classic ratatouille

twice-baked sweet potatoes with bean chilli

Aside from being mouthwateringly delicious, this combination of sweet potatoes with beans and avocado is something of a nutritional powerhouse, counting as 5 of your 5-a-day. It is entirely vegan, too, so everyone can get stuck in to this recipe


vegetariAN TOAD-in-the-hole

Using veggie sausages in this comfort-food classic makes it a meat-free treat. We've also included some roasted carrots, parsnips and onions for a touch of sweetness and colour – but you could also serve them on the side if preferred.

Vegetarian toad in the hole

courgette pizza bianco

This simple pizza recipe is perfect for using up spring veg, including grilled courgette ribbons, sweet peas and fresh herbs. Unusually, it is cheese free, but feel free to throw on some mozzarella if you can't bear to go without.  

Green pea falafel

These beautifully green, filling falafel patties contain plenty of sweetness and colour thanks to the humble pea! A brilliant dinner to cook for the family, you can have these falafel flatbreads on the table in just half an hour. They're also incredibly easy to make vegan - just use dairy-free yogurt in the tahini dip!

Shakshuka with beans

Baked beans are an affordable, easy and filling option for both vegetarians and vegans. This flavour-packed cheat’s shakshuka uses baked beans to add some sweetness and substance to the tomato sauce, helping to cut cooking time to just 20 minutes! Replace the eggs with crumbled tofu for a creamy vegan alternative.


cheese leek and potato pie

Sweet leeks and creamy cheese are a dream team in this tasty vegetarian pie – veggie comfort food at its finest. Cut prep-time by using readymade puff pastry.

Cheese, leek and potato pie

Colourful stuffed peppers

Joudie Kalla (aka Palestine on a Plate) makes this tasty recipe by stuffing peppers with rice, courgette, onion, and a juicy tomato sauce... as well as being totally delicious, these risotto boats pack in an impressive 4 of your 5-a-day. Serve with a fresh green salad and some griddled halloumi for a veggie supper you can really get excited about.

miguel barclay's gnocchi al forno

If you've never thought of baking gnocchi, you're in for a treat. This cheap and cheesy bake will set you back less than £1 per head and is incredibly delicious. If you haven't got broccoli at home, try kale, spring greens or spinach. You can't go wrong!

Gnocchi al forno

Of course, if you're super short on time, there's always the sneaky alternative of a quick ready meal instead! Check out our whole collection of vegetarian ready meals and frozen options online.

Stock up on everything you'll need to create these delicious vegetarian dishes online, or pop into your local store.