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Waste not, want it: using your leftover salad

3 easy recipes to use up your leftover salad

Waste not, want it: using your leftover salad

Brits bin a staggering 40% of all the bagged salad they buy each year*, but there are easy ways to give tired, wilted leaves a new lease of life...

1. Whip up a tasty green pesto sauce

This versatile sauce isn’t only made with basil or other herbs – you can rustle it up using salad leaves, too. Enjoy it stirred into pasta, added to dips, spread on crusty bread and much more…

2. Whizz leaves into a smoothie

A little wilting won’t make a difference to the flavour! Peppery watercress works well with rich avocado – or try it in this zingy blend with pineapple, coconut water, lime and ginger.

3. Stir through hot pasta for a tasty budget dish

Try this with rocket, spinach or lettuce (shred larger leaves) to add flavour and texture to creamy sauces.

*Source: wrap.org.uk, 2017. **Check salad before using, especially if the bag is open, and discard if mouldy or rotten.

For more inspiration on how to reduce your waste pick up a mag at your local Asda store.