Sweet and refreshing watermelon desserts for hot summer days

Pretty pink watermelon makes the ultimate summer snack

Sweet and refreshing watermelon desserts for hot summer days

Tropical, sugary sweet and with an irresistible slushy-like bite, there’s something magical about munching on watermelon in the summertime.

This ruby red melon gets its name from its high water content (92%), making it the perfect fruity snack or sweet treat to refresh and hydrate you on a hot day.

And not only is it super hydrating, it’s also delicious! Freeze it, blend it, or leave it whole, this super fruit works in a variety of light and summery desserts, from thirst-quenching slushies to jiggly jellies.

Check out some of our favourite watermelon recipes below.

Watermelon ice lollies

These refreshing ice lollies not only look the part, the chocolate-chip ‘seed’ studded red lolly is made from 100% watermelon! Don’t worry, the white and green ‘rind’ is also totally edible, and made from delicious, creamy fro-yo and frozen kiwi. Totally tropical, totally refreshing!

Watermelon jelly slices

It seems a waste to throw away that magnificent shell once you’ve scooped out all of the sweet, edible melon flesh. Instead, use it as the mould for these cute jelly slices! Perfect for BBQs or kids’ parties, these refreshing jellies studded with blueberry ’seeds' are sure to put a smile on people’s faces.

Watermelon floating jellies

These sophisticated jellies are flavoured with elderflower and three different types of melon, for a grownup take on the childhood favourite.

Watermelon pizza-style

This watermelon pizza is a great way to get kids into nibbling fruit during the summer holidays. Cut a large, circular slice of melon then get your little ones to add ‘toppings’ like kiwi, strawberries and blueberries. Then, once the masterpiece is finished, slice it up using a pizza cutter (or regular kitchen knife) and divvy up the slices between everyone. Delicious!

Watermelon slushie

This refreshing slushie is sure to keep you feeling refreshed and cool on hot summer days. Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew are blended down to a super sweet smoothie, then layered with some pineapple smoothie for good measure. Get ready to smash your 5-a-day...

Have our cool watermelon recipes got you craving something refreshing? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to make any of these summer-ready sweets online or pop into your local store.