Fruity, fresh ways to enjoy melon this summer

Sweet, soft and fruity with floral undertones, melon is one of our favourite summer fruits

Fruity, fresh ways to enjoy melon this summer

Sweet and juicy, melon is bursting with sunshine flavours — and it’s so much more than just a fruit salad staple…

Scroll down to check out our range of melons and the best ways to enjoy their fresh flavours.


Perfectly ripe and juicy, our Grower’s Selection Honeydew Melons, as their name suggests, are mouthwateringly sweet. Available in our fresh produce aisle now, they’re delicious eaten chilled and add a refreshing twist to summer dishes. 


Melon, mint & cucumber cooler

With balls of honeydew, cantaloupe and galia, this refreshing mocktail topped up with elderflower cordial tastes like summer in a glass.

Triple melon iced slushie

Packed with fruit and stacked like a freak shake, sip on this melon-tastic slushie in the shade!


Cantaloupe melon is known for its juicy sweetness and slightly floral aroma which lends itself nicely to savoury dishes containing meat. When picking your melon in store, hold each in your arms to feel its weightiness. The heavier the melon, the higher the water content and the juicier it will be.


Cantaloupe and prosciutto toast

The sweet, fresh melon and savoury Italian ham make for a truly mouthwatering combination in this light lunch recipe. Add a slice of crusty, sourdough toast and you’re onto a flavour and texture sensation.

Cantaloupe, ham and olive skewers

It might sounds crazy, but olives and cantaloupe are absolute best of friends. Their soft fleshes are similar in the mouth, yet oh so different in terms of flavour. We love these sweet and savoury skewers as an appetiser at summer parties.


Like honeydew, galia melons are sweet and fleshy, with a slightly greener hue. When picking your melon, opt for a husk (the outer skin) with an orangey hue. This indicates a super sweet melon.


Galia and courgette noodle salad

Juicy galia melon adds an unexpected twist to this refreshing, Asian-inspired dish. Coriander and chilli bring out a new side of the melon’s refreshing flavour profile.

Floating melon ball jellies

These jars of gravity-defying fruit are bound to be a hit with the kids and adults alike. We’ve partnered sweet and floral melon with our tasty and refreshing strawberry and vanilla sparkling water. This wobbly jelly tastes like sweeties - with far less of the refined sugar!


Watermelon is an ultra-hydrating fruit with a far denser flesh than any of our other melons. A perfectly ripe watermelon will be slightly crisp when you bite into it, then dissolve on your tongue. This super sweet melon tastes just as good with other sweet foods as it does with salty foods — try pairing watermelon with crumbled feta for a sensational salad.


Layered watermelon ice lollies

Fun and colourful, these lollies made with watermelon, honeydew, kiwi and yogurt are the perfect post-BBQ treat. 

Watermelon pizza style

This creative, fruity snack is a great way to dress up fresh fruit for kids. Made with watermelon, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and coconut, this “pizza” is sure to capture the kids’ attention, no matter how you slice it.

Craving some sweet and hydrating melon after all that? Check out our full range of honeydews, cantaloupes, galias and watermelons online or pop into your local store.