3 ways to use a rotisserie chicken

One tasty rotisserie chicken, and three mouthwatering recipes

3 ways to use a rotisserie chicken

When you're hungry, short of time and need to feed a small crowd, you simply cannot beat a hot, succulent rotisserie chicken. Whip up a quick gravy, mash some spuds and heat some greens to serve up a near-instant roast dinner. Shredded up, you can add a cooked chicken to stir-fries, soups, risottos or pies. And let's not forget that absolute weekend lunchtime classic - the leftover-chicken sandwich.

Using one delicious hot counter chicken, we bring you three easy family-friendly recipes...

Chicken stir-fry

We love a supper that only takes 20 minutes to rustle up – and this stir-fry couldn't be quicker or easier to get on the table. Mix up shredded chicken, crunchy veg and noodles, toss over some Hoisin sauce and voilà! You've got yourself one tasty dinner for four. 

Chicken and mixed pepper fajitas 

If you happen to have an avocado and some peppers knocking around, this fajita recipe is an absolute must. Mix your shredded chicken with some piri piri seasoning, and serve it in a warm tortilla wrap with crunchy 'slaw and creamy avo. Best of all, this dish requires just five minutes of prep time – it really couldn't be speedier.

Roast chicken salad with sweet potato croutons 

When it's too hot for a big roast dinner (or you're just craving something a little lighter), this chicken salad hits the spot. Throw some diced sweet potato in the oven until soft, and serve with chunks of tender chicken, sweet garden peas and salt Parmesan shavings. Perfect!


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