We love your food pictures, @jensfoodblog

Each month we catch up with someone who loves cooking our food

We love your food pictures, @jensfoodblog

We spotted @jensfoodblog, aka Yorkshire Foodie on Twitter after she shared a mean looking chicken and peanut curry she had cooked using a recipe from Asda Good Living magazine.

After perusing her Twitter feed, it was pretty clear that Jen is a very keen cook and loves eating out. We wanted to know more about our foodie fan from Yorkshire so asked her a few quick fire questions about her food loves…

Which recipes do you prefer to show pictures of?

Mainly savoury - especially curries, pasta dishes and the odd cake :-) 

How do you pick the recipes you make?

I always aim to use fresh ingredients and recipes where I make things from scratch for instance sauces, rather than buy a jar. Pictures are always appealing too! 

How many recipes have you cooked from Asda Good Living?

Probably around 15 so far and loads more planned. My recent faves are the pasta primavera, chicken peanut butter curry, pecan pie (pictured by Jen below), and the chicken butternut squash korma I made last week (that was amazing it tasted like an authentic takeaway but was clearly a healthy version. And so easy to make!)

Which recipe picture that you have shared on social has got the most likes?

The turkey & kale image and pasta primavera (pictured below)

Who do you cook for?

Normally just me and my partner, but I cook extra for freezing or for lunch the next day.

What recipe have you always wanted to cook but never have?

I've never attempted a homemade pie or beef Wellington so that surely has to go on the list some day. (We think Jen should give this chicken pie below a go).

Your favourite recipe ever?

I think it's now your chicken and butternut squash korma I like recipe for meat free Mondays and trying new veg.

Favourite chef?

This is hard - I love watching Gino D’Acampo and making some his recipes, and even though Davina isn't known to be a chef, some of her recipes are amazing! Sweet potato cottage pie is one of my favourites. 

Who would be your ultimate dinner party guests?

I think I'd love to meet Davina, she's a very inspirational celebrity, we would have loads to talk about and we could probably share cooking tips.


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