The Surprising Foods You Won’t Believe The Royals Eat

They're just like us!

The Surprising Foods You Won’t Believe The Royals Eat

It's another exciting birthday celebration for the Queen (yes, she gets two birthdays!), as the people around the world will celebrate her official 90th birthday this weekend. Chances are that you haven't been invited to Her Majesty's birthday dinner, but the good news is that you can still eat like the Queen this weekend. When it comes to favourite dishes, the Royals have surprisingly common tastes. So, what does the Queen eat? Find out below!

Whether it's the Duke and Duchess making us giggle with their sweet sense of humour or the Queen and her unflappable sense of style, we love getting a glimpse of the royals and their fascinating lives. But who could have guessed that some of their favourite foods are the same as our own? Many can even be found at your local supermarket! From Special K to sticky toffee pudding, here are some of the very surprising foods that are fit for a queen... and for the rest of us! 

The Duke of Edinburgh 

The Duke of Edinburgh is said to be obsessed with barbecuing. Does he prefer burgers or sausages, you ask? Well, according to former personal chef to the Queen Darren McGrady, one of the Duke's favourites is Steak Diane. In his book, Eating Royally, McGrady writes: "This classic 1970s dish is still popular with the royal family and is one the Duke of Edinburgh loved to cook for family barbecues. We would prepare the ingredients, flatten the steaks in advance, and send it all to the barbecue site in yellow Tupperware boxes." Tupperware, imagine that! 

The Queen

For breakfast, McGrady reveals that Her Majesty likes cereal, typically Special K or Cornflakes, with dried fruit and Macadamia nuts. And when it comes to the Marmite 'love it or hate it' debate, it seems that the Queen may fall into the former category! Chef Owen Hodgson, who worked in the Palace in the early Nineties, recently told The Telegraph that, "When we cooked the Queen’s mushrooms we always added a smidgen of Marmite." Who knew? 

The Duchess of Cambridge

It has been reported that Kate Middleton loves sticky toffee pudding. We can't blame her! While Kate usually sticks to a very healthy diet of fish and vegetables, she supposedly allows herself the occasional treat and sticky toffee pudding is top of her list! 

Prince William

According to McGrady, Prince William's childhood favourites were cottage pie and banana flan. How sweet! Granted, it's likely that his taste buds have changed over the years but we like to think that he still enjoys these wonderfully simple but oh-so-tasty classics. 

Prince Charles

It's all about game for Prince Charles, according to chef Carolyn Robb who cooked for the royal family for more than a decade. Of course, when she was cooking for the Royals, the game came straight from Prince Charles' very own hunting trips, a luxury not all of us can afford. Another favourite? Perfectly soft boiled eggs. 

Prince Harry

While we can't say for certain what will be on the Queen's birthday dinner menu this year, we're pretty sure it won't be what Harry served his friends at the Arts Club in London's Mayfair two years ago. Prince Harry reportedly hosted an intimate dinner for some of his closest friends and dished up chicken and chips, washed down with white wine. Nothing wrong with that! 

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