If you haven’t tried burrata you haven’t lived, here’s why

It's the creamiest, most delicious thing on the planet...

If you haven’t tried burrata you haven’t lived, here’s why

“Every once in a while an ingredient comes around that gets us super excited as we know it’s going to be a kitchen game changer, well burrata is here and it’s here to stay!” says Good Living Food Editor, Gregor McMaster.

"It tastes like mozzarella with a richer, creamier more buttery flavour"

If you haven't heard of burrata, where have you been? The creamy, soft, velvety Italian cheese has been popping up on Italian restaurant menus all over the country, and 'foodies across the UK are going crazy over it!" says Gregor.

And now, (drumroll please), our favourite cheese is being sold in Asda!

What does it taste like?

The cheese is made from hand-torn mozzarella and smooth cream creating a spreadable, creamy, dippable treat.

Gregor says, “If you haven’t tried it, think of a buffalo mozzarella with the creaminess turned up to 11! It is rich, velvety in texture and it oozes out of the balls as you break into the middle."

Cut into the top of the cheese with a sharp knife, like the video below, and the creamy centre will burst out like a perfectly cooked poached egg.

Drizzle with oil, season with freshly ground black pepper and enjoy!


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What can you eat it with?

"Because burrata is so creamy," explains Gregor, "you need to pair it with strong, acidic flavours such as tomatoes, grilled peppers, extra virgin olive oil or prosciutto.  

"You can use it in a similar way to mozzarella, torn into a tomato and basil salad, smeared on top of bruschetta and served with rocket and a pesto drizzle, or with grilled peaches and chicory.

"For a hot dish, try folding it through a simple tomato and garlic tagliatelle.   

"The acidity of these foods will cut through the richness of the cheese giving a balanced flavour and texture in the mouth."

It’s a protected cheese

The magical creamy creation is a PGI cheese which means it has a 'Protected Geographical Indication'. This means the method of manufacture and the origin of the ingredients can only be sourced from Apulia, which is in southern Italy. Having a PGI helps in the protection of quality products. 

What else is in the new Asda cheese range?

The good news on the cheese front doesn't stop there. As Asda's latest range also includes the Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana, which is the name of the new Buffalo Mozzarella.  

It has a sumptuously smooth flavour and is endorsed by the Consortium of Mozzarella di Bufala, who regularly audit the buffalo farms and the cheese making sites making sure they respect the rules established by the Consortium.

There's also the Smoked Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana which is our new Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella. This is traditionally and naturally smoked in a smoking unit, using beech woods to give its unique flavour.

And lastly, but by no means least, the soft cheese Neufchatel, which comes in a heart shape, has also been added to the range. According to legend, this cheese dates back to the 6th century and was often sent by young Norman girls to English soldiers, as a token of love. 

Our Neufchatel cheese is produced in Northen France in the Normandy region, by the maker Fromagerie Bray Pay and is ripened in a controlled environment of temperature and humidity for between 10 – 14 days, giving it a lovely bloomy white appearance.

Love cheese? Make sure you stock up on the new lines at Asda or pop into your local store