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As seen on Asda’s Instagram

Whether you're looking for budget-friendly recipes, or the ultimate comfort bakes – we've got you covered...

As seen on Asda’s Instagram

20 bakes under 50p

Tuning into #BakeOff tonight? In honour of the baking show's return we've rounded up the very best bakes to make for under 50p per serving! Why not try this Surprise Swiss Rol for 36p. Yum!


Beat the budget – vegan butternut squash risotto

Feed a family of 4 for under £4 - it tastes as good as it sounds! Mimi Harrison, from @beatthebudget, has done it again with this hearty, filling and comforting vegan butternut squash risotto.


spiced Cinnamon latte traybake 

If this isn’t the ULTIMATE comfort food then we don’t know what is! Have a go at our spiced cinnamon latte traybake – topped with coffee icing for even more gooey indulgence.


Chocolate cream biscuit brownie

Would you look at these brownies. Fancy giving it a try? Click here for our yummy Bourbon brownie!


Curry feast for £15

Feed 6 for just £15? Yes please! Nothing says 'Friday Night in' like tucking into a delicious curry. Check out our curry feast for £15.


Beat the budget's tortilla pizza

We’ve partnered up with savvy saver and insta chef Mimi Harrison aka @beatthebudget! Feed 4 for under £4 with this tasty Ham & Mushroom Tortilla Pizza.


Expert money saving tips from the editor of Financially Fabulous

Looking to shop savvy? Or want to start saving for Christmas? We've got you covered!


20 recipes for under £1

Dairy-free spaghetti carbonara for 79p per serving - yes please. And we’ve got even more recipes, perfect for Autumn, with our 20 meals for under £1 roundup.

Rollback Hack – super noodle ramen

#RollBackHacks. We’re showing you how to turn our hero RollBack products into a delicious budget-friendly meal. Yep, that’s right – full on flavour and zero fuss.

Turn these 50p Super Noodles into a steaming bowl of delicious ramen. Simple! 

Biscoff brownie 

Love Biscoff? Then we've got the bake for you. If you’re looking for an indulgent bake like no other, feast your eyes on our b-e-a-utiful Biscoff Brownies. Loaded with Biscoff inside and on top. Gorgeously gooey. Ideal for sharing.


the ultimate Rocky Road

You rock my world! This fabulous rocky road fridge cake is what chocolatey dreams are made of – packed with cranberries, pistachio and FreeFrom chocolate digestives.

terry's Chocolate orange brownie 

Chocolate orange brownie, anyone? Just when you thought these melt in the middle beauties couldn’t get any better, we’ve topped with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment! Delicious, even if we do say so ourselves…

Nutella chocolate-chip cookies

Cookies are the answer, who cares what the question is. Especially when you’ve got a recipe for these soft-but-chewy-in all-the-right-places Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Rollback hack - Tacos

#RollBackHacks. We’re showing you how to turn our hero RollBack products into a delicious budget-friendly meal. Yep, that’s right – full-on flavour and zero fuss. Turn these £2.98 fish fingers into tasty tacos for two!


Beat the budget kale pesto pasta 

Are you ready to Beat The Budget? For just 75p per serving, savvy saver and Insta chef Mimi Harrison aka @beatthebudget shows you how easy it is to make this simple kale pesto pasta. Easy as 1,2,3! 

Budget-friendly, full on flavour for the whole family!


Beat the budget Pork satay curry 

We’ve partnered up with savvy saver and insta chef Mimi Harrison aka @beatthebudget! First up in our @beatthebudget series is this FULL ON flavour satay pork dish – coming in at 98p per serving. Feed the whole family with this budget-friendly favourite. Ready to #BeatTheBudget? 


Beat the Budget

We've teamed up with Insta-chef and savvy saver Mimi Harrison a.k.a. Beat the Budget!  Over the next few months, Mimi will be bringing you all the flavour with her delicious, budget-friendly meals for under £1 per serving

And keep an eye out for her savvy tips on everything from shopping to meal prepping. In her latest Instagram Story, Mimi showed us how to meal prep three, super-simple dishes: Mexican Corn Salad, Halloumi Curry and Spiced Chicken and Cauliflower Traybake

1 Basket, 5 meals

As part of our #OneBasketFiveMeals series, we’ve made it our mission to help you get more out of each basket of shopping. Showing you how to create five delicious family meals from just one £25 shop. This week, we’re whipping up Salmon and Dill Fishcakes, Ratatouille Bake with Crushed Potatoes, Prawn and Pak Choi Noodle Stir-Fry, Roasted Tomato Soup and Veggie Sausage Traybake. Click here for the recipes



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