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As seen on Asda’s Instagram

Whether you're looking for yummy January recipes, or easy bakes for the weekend – we've got you covered...

As seen on Asda’s Instagram

Make it in 15

Fancy a 15-minute dinner that’s under 270 calories AND costs under £1 per serving? Erm, who doesn’t?! Check out the easiest ramen EVER. Using your fave instant noodles. Who’s giving this a go? 


Vegan mushroom shawarma

Kebab… but make it vegan. If you’re missing your fast food faves, we’ve got a winner shawarma dinner for you. Jumbo mushrooms marinated in Middle Eastern and Mexican spices.


Kids fajitas

Parents, we've got you! Ready in 10 minutes, these delicious fajitas are the perfect easy dinner AND the leftovers are great for lunchtimes too. Check out more kids fajita recipes here.



Roasted plum and sticky chicken drumstick traybake

90p per serving. Super easy and 1 of your 5-a-day. This throw-it-all-in plum chicken traybake is our no-fuss take on a regular roast dinner AND a lot less washing up too! Perfect for a relaxed Sunday at home.

Lighter desserts

All we need is a spoon. This gooey chocolate meringue cake is lighter than it looks (thanks to a simple product swap) So we're ready to dig in!​ Check out our lighter dessert recipes here.


sausage and apple casserole 

Warm up with our delicious sausage and apple casserole. Whether you’ve been playing in the snow or avoiding the soggy weather altogether – this winter warmer is guaranteed to make you smile.

Aubergine katsu curry

A homemade Japanese veggie feast for only 56p per serving . @beatthebudget has done it again with this ULTIMATE katsu. Crispy breadcrumbed aubergine with a smooth Japanese curry sauce - brb we’re making this immediately! 


easy leftover chicken curry for 2 and 4

Leftover chicken = curry night. We've got a recipe for 2 AND a recipe for 4 people, so you can whip up this delicious dinner – no maths required.

Dirty vegan burger

Can you believe this is vegan?! We’ve transformed your fave fast food into this plant-based winner - you’re SO welcome. Homemade bean patty, vegan chipotle mayo, cheddar ‘cheese’ and introducing… our brand new bacon alternative.

cherry & coconut Overnight oats

Winner of the ‘Easiest Breakfast to Prep’ award… not a real award, but a real fact. Check out our cherry and coconut overnight oats. Using only 6 ingredients, packed with layers of fruity flavours - you are on your way to 5-a-day. Just pop it all in a container before you go to bed, simple deliciousness.


Fish finger fish pie

At 78p per portion, this fish finger fish pie takes winter comfort food to a whole new level. Layered with fish fingers and topped with ready-made mashed potato, this yummy pie is easy as 1-2-3! 

Lighter sausage and egg brunch muffin

This is the ULTIMATE brunch muffin. Fancy a lighter version of your Saturday morning fave? Using lower-fat sausages, wholemeal muffins, light cheese singles and tomato chutney, this delish dish might even be better than the original? 


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