Neopolitan whippy ice cream

Whippy-style Neapolitan ice cream cones

No need to make a trip to the ice cream van – instead, treat everyone to this impressive but super-simple upgraded classic

Whippy-style Neapolitan ice cream cones

Feeling the heat? Chill into summer with our easy-to-make ices for lazy, hazy, family-fun days...


● Freezing, whisking and blending a sorbet or ice cream mixture does the same as churning it. If you use an ice cream machine for our recipes, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

● Make sure the fruit you use for sorbets is ripe so it tastes sweet and blends easily.

● To melt chocolate for your ices, put it in a bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water. It’s important to keep the heat low and not to let the water touch the base of the bowl of chocolate, so it melts gently. 



Chosen by you Soft Scoop Neapolitan Ice Cream 

Chosen by you Piping Bag 

Chosen by you Ice Cream Cornets 


  • Spoon scoops of Chosen by you Soft Scoop Neapolitan Ice Cream into a Chosen by you Piping Bag fitted with a large star nozzle, alternating scoops of the separate chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours as you go.
  • Allow the piping bag to sit for 1-2 mins until the ice cream has softened slightly.
  • Pipe swirls into Chosen by you Ice Cream Cornets and serve straight away. 


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