The best wine and cheese pairing guide on the internet

Your cheat sheet for the perfect match

The best wine and cheese pairing guide on the internet

Tea and biscuits, pizza and beer, wine and cheese – there are some food and drink pairings that just work. But not only is wine and cheese a delicious combo, but it's such a versatile pairing. Whether you're looking for a light evening meal, a perfect party snack, an easy appetiser, or even want a whole evening dedicated to samping these two treats – wine and cheese are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. That's because there's something for practically every taste – fresh, young wines that pair with milky cheeses or bolder grapes that work perfectly with strong, rich cheeses, and every flavour profile inbetween.

When teamed well, a wine and cheese can work together to enhance the other's flavour and beautifully compliment each other. Mixing and matching wine and cheese can seem intimidating or feel like a stuffy pastime, but it needn't be. In fact, it doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or even particularly fancy at all. All you need is a few go-to pairings and easy tips and you'll be ready to enjoy this delicious combo confidently and heartily. To get started, check out six perfect wine and cheese pairings below...

Perfect Pairing: Blue Stilton and Priorat

Bold, blue cheeses like Stilton need wines that can balance their strong flavours and characteristic saltiness. A big, warming red like this well balanced wine from Priorat in Spain, £7.98, will stand up to the richness of the cheese, while complimenting it with hints of lovely sweetness and spice. Similar to how dried fruits are an excellent accompaniment to Stilton, this great value wine features rich cherry and plum notes which will perfectly accompany this smooth and savoury Stilton. 

Perfect Pairing: Lancashire and Barolo 

This Farmhouse Lancashire is a sharp and crumbly cheese that works wonderfully with a robust red wine, like this full bodied Barolo, £12.50, from Italy's Piedmont region. Aged three years in oak barrels, its velvety, cherry flavour will enhance the Lancashire's beautiful tangy flavour.

Perfect pairing: Goat cheese and Chenin Blanc

Smooth, tangy cheeses like goat cheese team beautifully with crisp whites, like Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc. And now you can bring your wine and cheese pairings with you on the road with Asda's brilliant Campervin wine box in the shape of a camper van, coming to a store near you this week! Perfect for music festivals or camping trips, pack this Campervin of citrussy Chenin Blanc with you this weekend and enjoy a pre-dinner drink with some soft, herby goat cheese - the honey and citrus notes work beautifully with the dryness and herbiness of cheese. 

Perfect pairing: Parmesan and Chianti

Delicious in salads and a must-have topping for pasta, rich and fruity Parmesan cheese is also delicious when eaten as is and accompanied with a rich, red wine like this beautifully smoky Chianti, £6. Try shaving off a few slices of Parmesan and seeing how the saltiness of the cheese pairs with the perfumed notes of this Chianti Riserva from central Tuscany. 

Perfect pairing: Brie and Riesling

Who doesn't love spreading a bit of gooey Brie on some crisp bread for a melt-in-your-mouth treat? Young cheeses like Brie and Mozzarella love dry white wines like this light-bodied and citrussy Riesling, £7. For a fancier occasion, a bottle of Champagne will work beautifully as well - try this Vintage Brut Champagne, £20, for a real treat. 

And to prove that a delicious bottle of wine doesn’t have to cost the earth, Asda’s Chilean Malbec was awarded best in show in the best single-varietal red under £15 category at this year’s Decanter World Wine Awards. The winning red wine costs just £4.37 and beat out thousands of other competitors (16,000 to be precise!) in a blind tasting test with a panel of 240 experts. We can’t say that we’re surprised that this smooth and juicy red wine was awarded top prize, although some other winemakers certainly were… 

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