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Wonderful wines perfect for Easter

From fruity reds to gorgeous Champagnes, make Easter weekend extra special

Wonderful wines perfect for Easter

If you're having the family over for roast lamb this Easter, or plan on celebrating the long weekend with friends, make sure you stock up on some delicious bottles of wine and Champagne. We've rounded up some of our favourite wine offers to enjoy, all of which are best served in good company...

Chateauneuf du Pape

Looking for a smooth red to pair with your roast lamb? The fruity strawberries and warming spices in this Chateauneuf du Pape will complement your spring lamb and satisfy your tastebuds this Easter.


Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut

Made in the traditional style, this Champagne is very delicate and elegant. With fresh, crisp aromas of lemon and apple, this Champagne is ideal as an aperitif, or with shellfish and smoked salmon. Best served chilled.


Aupouri Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand is the wine of the moment. It’s the new Pinot Grigio, don't you know. With a sweet, ripe fruit character and crisp notes of citrus blossom, it is a well-balanced wine.  



Fillipo Sansovino Pinot Grigio

A delightfully fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio, with pear and green apple flavours, this is an easy wine that will appeal to all guests. It's also delicious served with poultry or seafood. 


Rosemount Estates Diamond Selection Shiraz

Rosemount Shiraz is a medium-bodied wine that captures the intense spicy fruit and long, richly-textured finish that Shiraz is famous for. Ideal with meat dishes or pasta, you can drink this wine now but it can also be kept for up to eight years. If you've got that kind of willpower.



Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone Reserve

Ideal with roast lamb or beef, this red wine has a lot of character and tastes of ripe rich fruit. Spicy, with a hint of blackcurrant, this is an elegant and fresh wine andwould also go well with a cheese board. 

Gallo Family Vineyards White Grenache Rose

If you’re after a rosé wine, this perfect for spring: light-bodied with the vibrant flavours of fresh strawberries and watermelon. Beautifully fresh and crisp with a smooth finish, it pairs well with light foods such as salad.

Shield Prosecco

An easy-to-drink Italian fizz, this Prosecco is fragrant and fruity, packed with green apple, pear and citrus flavours. Good enough to drink all day long.


Amarone Della Valpolicella

For something a bit special, try this full-bodied red with its intense flavours of dried fruit, dark chocolate and sweet spice. Ideal served with roast meats, rich dishes or cheese.



Asda Extra Special Gavi

A dry, elegant white wine with lemon & floral notes. This delicious drop is made from the Cortese grape and is crisp with a nutty finish. Pair with chicken or fish.

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