Alice in wonderland teapot cake

Create the ultimate kids’ World Book Day tea party

Invite your kids' friends round and serve them up special dishes inspired by their favourite characters

Create the ultimate kids’ World Book Day tea party

For two decades World Book Day has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of children across the globe, with fascinating fictional characters and faraway places to read about. 

World Book Day is the celebration of reading

The special event, which is marked on Thursday March 2, is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, World Book Day is the celebration of reading.

So if your little ones love Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or can't get enough of J.K. Rowling's wizardry world, why not invite some of their friends and their parents round for a special afternoon tea inspired by their favourite characters? They'll love helping out in the kitchen, too!

To help inspire you, we've put together a range of cute cakes and wacky, creative lunches they'll love. And don't be scared to design your own!

Oompa Loompa cake pops

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans will love helping to make these Oopma Loompa cake pops. One of these with a cup of tea will go down a treat with adults and children, alike!

Bilbo's seed cake with saffron

Inspired by The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, this seed cake has taken inspiration from Bilbo’s pantry. Combining saffron, lemon and rosemary tones, it’s a celebration of all things food – which is exactly how Hobbits like it! Plus, we think the grown ups will like this one...

Willy Wonka bars

You’ll be singing ‘I’ve got a golden ticket’ with these tasty Willy Wonka bars. Make up a batch, then cut into bitesize chunks, wrap in golden paper and leave one on every guest's plate. The kids will love unwrapping these little treats.

Alice in Wonderland Teapot cake

Everyone knows that a celebration calls for a cake and what could be better than an army of gingerbread card soldiers flying out of the Mad Hatter’s teapot? After all, we're all mad here – just don’t be late for tea, whatever you do! 

Golden snitches 

Harry Potter fans will be in their element with these golden snitches. Make like a champion Seeker and catch one of our sparkly winged winners!

Get the guests to make up their own lunches

To make your World Book Day tea even more exciting you could get the kids to make up their own fiction-inspired lunches. Pop all the ingredients for each lunch design in the centre of the table, then encourage them to create one of these two cute designs. 

Dr Seuss 

Are your kids mad about the trouble-making Cat in the Hat? To make this feast, you'll need to spread cream cheese onto a slice of white bread and roll it up into a cylinder. Then place this on top of a circle of buttered bread to create your hat. Wrap the cylinder in two Bear Strawberry yoyo strips to create a stripey affect. Tie red fruit winders into bows to make mini bow ties.

Create a goldfish using two baby carrots. Make a small trianglier incision at the thick end of one carrot to make the body. For the top fin, tail and side fin cut out three shapes of the second carrot and attach to the body. Draw on the eyes with a black icing pen.

To create the green eggs and ham, place a slice of ham in a spare corner of the box, then slice a boiled egg in half and place it yolk up on top. Finally, colour the yolk using green food colouring. 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans will love this lunchbox snack. To create it, you'll need to roll a small wholemeal wrap into a cone and fill with a soft sandwich filling such as egg mayonnaise leaving at least 3cm space at the top. This will create the point of your wizard hat.

Fold the unfilled wrap edges back to create a hat rim and brush with marmite mixed with a little water to give a brown colour. Add cherry tomatoes and physalis as ‘quidditch’ balls and ‘golden snitches’.

To make a broomstick, fold a strip of tortilla wrap in half and make small cuts along its length. Wrap around the end of a breadstick and secure with a Haribo ring or an Asda Onion Ring.

For the owl, cut a semi-circle in the top of a Babybel and remove. From the removed Babybel, peel off the wax and cut into two wing shapes. Carve a large hole in the middle of the Babybel and remove the red wax, leaving white cheese underneath. Cut a beak shape out of this piece of wax. Finally place the ‘wings’ either side of the white circle and draw on owl eyes.

To finish, add some sugar snaps and carrots cut into star shapes and a few slices of apple.  

We’d love to see your lunchbox creations – so make sure you share them with us at #goodliving. Feeling inspired to make a lunchbox which your little ones will love? Make sure you stock up on all your ingredients at Asda or pop into your local store