Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef

5 game-changing ways to eat your Yorkshire pudding

Celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day in style with these tasty ideas...

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5 game-changing ways to eat your Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire puddings are what Sunday dreams are made of. But why should these crispy golden delights, which are normally only served up with a roast dinner, be restricted to one day a week? 

From mini Yorkshire puddings with beef, which could be handed out as a delicious canapé at your next gathering, to a humble dessert-inspired pud, filled with cream and chocolate sauce - there's a variety of glorious and enticing ways to make the most of the celebrated Sunday staple. 

Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef

Use Yorkshire's most famous dish like a bowl and fill your mini puds with a spoonful of horseradish and a slice of beef fillet. 

Yorkshire pudding profiteroles

Who said Yorkshire puddings should only be eaten with savoury foods? Not us. Swap your choux pastry for a Yorkshire pudding batter, as in this gem of a recipe from Pinterest, and fill your pud with a spoonful of cream and top with chocolate sauce for a Yorkshire twist on the classic profiterole. 

Yorkshire puddings with cowboy mince

Make your Yorkshire pudding the star of the show with this satisfying midweek meal that can be on your plate within 35 minutes. We've used our frozen Yorkshire puddings to save on time, but you could always try making your own crispy versions if you prefer. 

Yorkshire pudding sandwich 

Inspired by this Pinterest recipe, why not transform your tired-looking butty into a culinary masterpiece, by sandwiching your filling between two hearty slices of crispy Yorkshire pudding. Whether it's steak and onion or chicken and stuffing, pile your ingredients on top of each other with a humble pud either side. It may not be practical, but it sure is tasty...

Vegetarian toad-in-the-hole

A toad-in-the-hole is comfort food at its best. We've filled our massive Yorkshire pudding with veggie sausages, so no one misses out, and tossed in some parsnips, carrots, onions and tomatoes for a delicious meat-free treat. 

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