Get your cook on with sea bass

There's nothing fishy about these recipes...

Get your cook on with sea bass

You know what doesn't get enough air time? A good old fillet of sea bass

With its mild flavour and meaty texture, sea bass is just as tasty and versatile as its counterparts (think: cod or swordfish). Whether you serve this white fish baked, grilled, pan-fried or in a fish pie, it makes for the simplest of suppers without sacrificing on flavour. 

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Pan-fried sea bass with romesco sauce and vegetable noodles 

For a sophisticated-looking dinner or posh lunch (whatever floats your boat), look no further than this colourful sea bass dish. Pan-frying gives the sea bass a lovely crisp skin and the Spanish-inspired Romesco sauce adds a fresh, tomato flavour. Serve on a bed of vegetable noodles and it's ready for the taking. To make sure the skin is crispy as can be, only flip the fillets once.


Sea bass with ginger and tenderstem broccoli 

Sometimes the best dishes are the simplest. In this recipe, we've seasoned this flaky fish with just 3 ingredients: ginger, chilli and black pepper and served it up on a bed of tenderstem broccoli. It's super simple but super tasty - the sea bass is definitely the star of the show (and so it should be). 


Baked fish with pepper topping

Want a dish you can just throw in the oven? Check out this colourful masterpiece. Red, yellow and green peppers, spring onions and tomatoes have been carefully arranged over sea bass fillets and topped with breadcrumbs, thyme, parsley and grated Parmesan. We're sold! And we think you will be too...


Sea bass parcels

If you wanted to add some more flavour to your sea bass, try adding Asian-style ingredients like pak choi and soy sauce – like in this recipe. The white fish can stand up to strong flavours, and, if anything, it's the perfect pairing. We've cooked this recipe in tin foil to maximise on flavour and lock in moisture. The fact there's less washing up to do is a bonus! 


Mexican-spiced sea bass with mixed beans

Calling all Mexican food fans! Dive into this speedy fish dinner which is brimming with big Mexican flavours like the heavenly blend of paprika, garlic, cumin, and chilli powder. It's flavoursome, hearty and it will have you swimming back for more. Put simply: it's the dish to serve if you're looking to mix up your weekly meal menu.

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