8 super delicious sandwich recipes

Liven up lunchtime with these easy, tasty sandwich ideas

8 super delicious sandwich recipes

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Whether it's eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the perfect combination of bread + filling always hits the spot. And you don't have to stick to plain old sliced white to assemble your perfect sarnie, either – not when there's a whole world of soft wraps, seeded bagels, crusty baguettes and freshly baked ciabatta to choose from.

If you're finding yourself with more time to whip up a tasty lunch these days, why not #GetYouCookOn with our sandwich recipes, which vary from all-time favourites to indulgent occasional treats…

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Toasted Ciabatta Tricolore 

Inspired by the Italian flag, this ciabatta Tricolore is filled with juicy tomatoes, fresh basil, molten mozzarella and leafy spinach. It's the ideal lunch for veggies – and hearty enough that pretty much everyone else will love it, too!

Turkey chilli burgers 

Turkey is something of an underrated sandwich meat here in the UK, but it's darn tasty! These turkey chilli burgers are packed with herbs, garlic and chilli and tick the boxes for eating well when served in warm Warburton's Thins, with a tasty salad on the side.

Coronation chicken finger sandwiches 

Created in 1953 for the Queen's coronation, this chicken dish is equally delicious served as a sandwich filling or a salad. Cold cooked chicken is dressed with creamy yogurt and mayonnaise flavoured with curry powder and mango chutney – we've also added diced dried apricots for extra texture and sweetness. 

chicken club sandwich

Served with the crusts cut off – and held together with a skewer – the club sandwich layers three slices of toast with tasty fillings. For a little extra flavour, we've added houmous to the classic combination of chicken, beef tomatoes and salad leaves, then topped off our triple-decker with a crunchy cornichon. Delicious! 

Bacon and smashed avocado bagel with an egg baked into the top

Looking for the perfect breakfast sandwich? Allow us to introduce you to this bacon and smashed avocado bagel – with an egg baked into the top, no less. Taking just 20 mins to prep and cook, this is one sarnie that will set you up for the day! 

Bánh mì Asian baguette

The most delicious sandwiches can be made with cold leftover meat, as this Vietnamese-inspired baguette shows. Simply top your ham, beef or turkey with zingy chilli sauce and fresh salad veg, then finish with a generous handful of chopped coriander and crunchy radishes. Talk about an easy way to make your lunch or supper something special…

Cheat’s croque madame

This is a new take on the French classic, but feel free to replace the cheese spread with a few slices of mature cheddar, if preferred. Topped with a perfectly poached egg and served with salad, how can you go wrong with this for lunch? A total crowd-pleaser.

Ultimate steak sandwich

Just the thing to make any meat fan's mouth water, our ultimate steak sandwich is a hearty combination of tender sirloin with caramelised onions and peppery rocket in warm ciabatta rolls. A big appetite is a must for this recipe!

Has your favourite sandwich made our list? Pick up all these delicious ingredients online, or pop into your local store to stock up on sarnie essentials and extras.