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Get your cook on with our top 14 salmon recipes

Versatile and simply delicious – salmon is one of our favourite ingredients to cook with

Get your cook on with our top 14 salmon recipes

Like salmon? You'll absolutely love these! We've brought you the ultimate selection of simple salmon suppers – so, roll up your sleeves, grab those aprons, and don't forget to tag @asda and #GetYourCookOn on Insta when you do!

The ultimate salmon recipes


Thai salmon coconut curry

Rich, succulent salmon in a creamy sauce with a kick of mild spice – you really can't go wrong with a Thai curry for dinner!

difficulty rating: super easy



salmon and mango tacos

Flaky salmon, zingy mango and creamy avocado, all tucked up in a tasty toasted tortilla. Have yourself a Mexican fiesta with these salmon and mango tacos.

Difficulty rating: super easy



rukmini iyer's sticky soy salmon with asparagus and sugar snap peas

Ready in just 30 minutes, this speedy fish dish with Asian influences guarantees perfectly cooked salmon every time.

Rukmini describes it as, ‘Succulent salmon and tender roasted veg with a zip of red chilli and a crunchy peanut finish.’

difficulty rating: super easy



salmon and red pepper curry

Turn your leftover veg into this vibrant Thai-inspired curry – it’s simple and downright delicious!

difficulty rating: super easy



salmon and Mediterranean veg traybake

This tasty one-tray meal teams tender salmon fillets with ready-made potato gnocchi and cook-from-frozen veg. A crowd-pleaser if ever there was one!

difficulty rating: super easy



salmon and pak Choi miso ginger broth

Zingy ginger and chilli blend with savoury miso flavours to bring an Oriental twist to these succulent salmon chunks. 

difficulty rating: super easy



salmon tikka kebabs

These salmon kebabs are quick, easy and utterly delicious. Layer up your salmon chunks and veg and you've got yourself a winner! Perfect for the barbecue or baked in the oven.

difficulty rating: super easy



Honey-glazed salmon with noodle stir-fry 

A classic stir-fry packed with fresh and tasty veggies and topped with sweet salmon. Could you get any simpler? We don't think so!

Difficulty rating: super easy 



salmon & cous cous parcels 

Parcels keep the salmon lovely and juicy as they lock in the moisture – make sure they are tightly sealed but leave space for air to circulate. These salmon parcels with couscous are a quick meal all in one!

difficulty rating: super easy 



pistachio crusted salmon

Frozen salmon is a delicious option and can be cooked straight from your freezer. Whip up this pistachio crumb in minutes to add a delicious texture to a plain salmon fillet. Et voilà! A yummy dinner the whole family can enjoy at home.

difficulty rating: not too tricky 



kiln roast salmon salad with cucumber yogurt dressing

With chunks of smoked salmon, earthy beetroot, peppery leaves and creamy, herby yogurt, this roast salmon salad is ideal for a super-fresh lunch or dinner. Serves 6 as a main or 8 as a side.

difficulty rating: not too tricky 



salmon burgers with courgette fries

These delicate burgers are made with tinned salmon – making it a lot easier to whip up a quick meal when you have limited ingredients in the cupboard. Top with a squeeze of lemon for added zing. 

difficulty rating: not too tricky



filo pastry fish and vegetable pie 

This comfort food family favourite gets a totally crispy makeover! Show them your cheffing skills and whip up this delicious filo pastry fish pie – everyone will want to go back for more.

difficulty rating: showing off



for the kids

irem's sesame salmon

Kids' Kitchen star Irem shares her recipe for a delicious sesame salmon. A recipe for kids, by kids!

difficulty rating: super easy



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