Everything you need to know about Brioche

Including the best sweet, buttery, indulgent recipes to Get Your Cook On

Everything you need to know about Brioche

Here's a question for you: if you had to pick your favourite type of bread, what would you choose? It's a hard choice, but we'd choose brioche bread every time. 

The buttery alternative originates from France and is lighter than your usual sandwich loaf. Plus, thanks to the addition of butter, milk and eggs, it has a more luxurious, sweeter taste.

Try a taste of the good stuff yourself with these brioche buns, they're the ideal pairing for any burger at your next barbecue. Just be sure to tag us in all your brioche creations using @asda and use the hashtag #GetYourCookOn. 

What makes brioche different from other breads?

Brioche isn't your average bread. It's so much more!

Standard breads are made from water, flour, salt and yeast. Whereas brioche bread includes all of the above, as well as eggs, butter and milk.

You could say it's these higher fat and protein additions which makes the beauty that is brioche so special – because it helps to enrich the dough. And who can say no to that?

What does it pair well with?

Brioche is already sweeter in taste compared to normal bread offerings, despite the fact some recipes contain no added sugar. And, just like a usual slice of bread, it works well with conserves like jam or honey. Also, if you've got an extra sweet tooth, you'll be pleased to know brioche and chocolate spread is a treat worth every single bite. 

Brioche bread also works amazingly well with savoury items, like a meaty beef burger, chargrilled bacon, cheese and lots of garlic. Essentially, brioche is an indulgent bread that turns the everyday into gourmet. We're sold! 

Try some brioche recipes for yourself

Remember those savoury pairings we talked about? Try it out with this ultimate burger recipe which uses brioche buns. The buns here are used to encase a tomato relish, beef burger, salad and oodles of mozzarella. With just a handful of ingredients, trust us when we say this is the easiest and tastiest bbq dish you'll make all summer.

Bruschetta just went up a notch! Check out this Nutella and mixed berry brioche bruschetta which takes just 10 minutes to make and around 2 minutes to devour (but who's counting?). We've used brioche rolls here, but you could toast brioche buns instead and top them with berries and almonds. 

This recipe of creamed mushrooms on brioche is perfect for an impressive lunch or vegetarian supper. And it's ready within 15 minutes - perfect for when you don't want to be stood by a hot oven all night. 

Ready to try brioche for yourself? Head over to Asda and don't forget to tag us in all your pictures using @Asda and #GetYourCookOn.