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One Basket… Five Meals

Create five delicious family dishes from one basket of shopping - and all for £30* or less.

If you’re looking for easy dinner ideas for Monday to Friday, look no further. Our weekly menus bring you new and delicious evening meals for four people, and will always endeavour to use up as much of each ingredient as possible. So if you’re using half a pack of cherry tomatoes on Monday, we’ll always try and use up the rest during another meal later in the week. No waste, but bags of flavour!

What’s more, each week, our five recipes will always come to £30* or less, meaning more pennies in your pocket!

So browse through all of our One Basket, Five Meals menus and enjoy week after week of cheap, easy and delicious family dinners.

*Total price is for five meals each serving four people and does not include the cost of store-cupboard staples.