Speedy noodles, juicy burgers and saucy veggie curry

Speedy noodles, juicy burgers and saucy veggie curry

​Create five delicious family dishes from one basket of shopping and all for £30* or less

This week, our midweek meals are all about exploring different flavours from across the world using a small handful of simple ingredients. Travel to Japan with our speedy miso pork noodle ramen, then pop down to South Korea for our delicious (and super easy) seafood pancakes with a crunchy carrot salad. Because who can turn down pancakes for dinner? Later in the week, rustle up some juicy pork burgers with a kick of Mexican chilli and lime, pop over to South East Asia for a tasty vegetarian curry, before finishing the week with some tender and fresh salmon and courgette kebabs straight from the Mediterranean coast. Perfect!

And thanks to our clever meal planning, the shopping list to make all of these meals (just hit the 'Add to Asda basket' button) always makes sure to use up any ingredients you buy, so you can cut down on your food waste while feeding the family nutritious, easy dinners every weeknight.

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