Tasty tacos, pesto chicken and speedy pasta

Tasty tacos, pesto chicken and speedy pasta

Create five delicious family dishes from one basket of shopping and all for £30* or less

This week, we're all about speedy dishes that pack big flavours. Whether it's our succulent pork tacos served with a fruity salsa, our warming leek and potato chowder, our saucy sausage ragu and pasta, some super cheesy paninis or a crispy crumbed chicken with pesto, these delicious family meals are super easy to make on weeknights - even the fussy eaters will dig in!

And thanks to our clever meal planning, the shopping list to make all of these meals (just hit the 'Add to Asda basket' button) always makes sure to use up any ingredients you buy, so you can cut down on your food waste while feeding the family nutritious, easy dinners every weeknight.

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