Fruity vegan knickerbocker glory

Fabulously fruity and super simple – this dessert is the ultimate summer retro-style dessert. Long spoons at the ready!

, 29 July 2020

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Fruity vegan knickerbocker glory
  • Prep: 10 Mins

  • Serves: 2

  • 100g Asda Frozen for Freshness Morello Cherries 
  • 80g Grower’s Selection Raspberries, plus extra to garnish ​
  • 240g Asda No Added Sugar Strawberry Flavour Jelly Pots
  • 15ml grenadine​
  • 120g Asda Free From Vegan Vanilla Iced Dessert ​
  • 4 tbsp Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Cream Alternative
  • 1 tsp Dr. Oetker Unicorn Sprinkles (if using other sprinkles check the label)
  • 2 Nice Biscuits, to garnish (optional) ​
  • Put the frozen cherries into a microwave-safe glass bowl and heat on the defrost or low setting in the microwave for 2-3mins until just soft. ​

  • Add the raspberries to the bowl and toss together. 

  • Spoon about a ¼ of the berries into the bottom of 2 sundae glasses.

  • Carefully stir the jelly to break it up and divide between the glasses. Top each with a small scoop of the ice cream alternative. ​

  • Add a small amount of grenadine in each glass so it begins to ripple throughout.​

  • Add the rest of the berry mixture then top with the rest of the ice cream. ​

  • Finish the sundae with a swirl of the whipped cream alternative, scatter over the sprinkles and an extra drizzle of grenadine.​

  • Garnish with some extra raspberries and a Nice biscuit if you’d like and serve immediately. 

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