Halloween snacks

19 Genius Halloween party food ideas

For the ultimate fright night feast!

By Charlotte Brouwer, 12 October 2016
19 Genius Halloween party food ideas

Spook up your sweet and savoury Halloween party food ideas with our haunting selection of snacks to really give your guests the creeps!

1. Mozzarella and olive eyeballs

For eerily eye-catching bites, cut pitted green olives in half. Use the end of a drinking straw to cut circles out of black olives, then put in the holes in the green olives to create pupils. Arrange the olive halves on top of Galbani Mini Mozzarella Balls to complete.

2. Too-creepy two-cheesy pizza 

Preheat the oven to 220C/ 200C Fan/Gas 7. Roll out an Asda Easy Share Pizza Base and put on a baking tray. Spread with Asda Basil & Tomato Pizza Topper.

Cut out ghost shapes from Galbani Toast Alla Mozzarella slices and use Red Leicester slices to make pumpkin shapes. Arrange small pieces of black olive on the ghosts for eyes and mouths, and on the pumpkins for grooves.

Bake for 15-25 mins, until the pizza base is golden brown and the cheese is bubbling.

3. Stuffed mummy peppers

Preheat the oven to 200C/ 180C Fan/ Gas 6. Halve and deseed some Grower’s Selection Snacking Peppers.

Fill with soft cheese, wrap in thin strips of puff pastry and bake until golden. Pipe on soft cheese eyes and dot with ketchup. Serve hot or cold.

4. Frogspawn crush and Ghost cups 

For the frogspawn crush, peel and chop a few kiwi fruits and put into a jug.

Using the back of a spoon, gently mash the fruit to break it up. Add ice and top up with chilled Chosen By You Tropical Crush Zero.

For the ghost cups, blend a handful of ice, a good dollop of vanilla yogurt and a splash of milk until smooth. Pour into one of our scary Halloween glasses!

5. Slithering snake and extra pear-estrials

For a serpentine fruity fiend, thread slices of strawberry and banana onto a skewer, or carefully balance them next to each other for a curved snake. Finish with a whole strawberry for the head, chocolate button eyes and a banana forked tongue. 

For the extra pear-estrials, cut pears in half vertically and remove the stalks. Roll out a piece of soft liquorice or some ready-to-roll black icing and cut out pointed eyes, little diamond-shaped noses and short, thin mouths. Position on the pear halves to create alien faces.

6. Guacamole Frankenstein

On a platter, shape the guacamole into an oval with a small rectangle at the bottom for the face and neck. Place a button mushroom either side of the rectangle for bolts. Use a spoon to create a mound for a nose. Cut a radish in half, top each side with half a pimento stuffed green olive and place on the top third of the oval to create eyes. Use a selection of vegetables cut into batons to create a mouth, scars, eyebrows and hairline. We used carrots, baby corn, sugarsnap peas and celery.

7. Mallow-een skull pops 

Take some white marshmallows and push a cake-pop stick into the bottom of each. Use black piping icing or writing icing to draw eyes and a stitched mouth onto each marshmallow.

For extra wow-factor, pipe Day of the Dead skull-style flowers and swirls on your cake pops, using brightly coloured icing!

8. Boo!-meringue Jack o’Lanterns

Give Extra Special Mini Meringues a monstrous makeover by using black and red Chosen By You Coloured Writing Icing to create grinning Jack O’Lantern faces and pumpkin-style hair.

9. Tarantula-teaser cookies 

Spoon some chocolate icing into a disposable icing bag. Cut off the tip to create a thin hole. Pipe two dots of icing onto the centre of an Asda Chocolate Chip Cookie and secure two Maltesers on top to form a body and head. On the front of one, pipe two small dots of white icing followed by a bit of chocolate icing in the centre to make eyes. Pipe four chocolate icing legs on each side of the spider Maltesers.

10. No brainer

Arrange a selection of sweets in this gruesome skull to look like a brain – then dare your guests to grab the goodies!

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11. Brain cupcakes

Tuck into deliciously gruesome bloody brains cupcakes with butter icing, or make 18 smaller ones with fairy cake cases instead. Great for a Halloween party.

12. Blood and bone meringues

Just a few simple ingredients create these bone-chilling meringue bones and blood dip treats that the kids will love!

13. Injurebread men

Have gory fun with these sweet spiced 'Injurebread men' biscuits.

14. Gingerbread men skeletons

Or Gingerbread men skeletons. You can also make spooky bats, ghastly ghosts and eerie tombstone biscuits with Asda's Halloween cookie cutters.

15. Day of the Dead biscuits

Or bake some pretty Day of the Dead inspired ginger biscuits?

16. Brain bites

Little vampires won't be able to resist sinking their fangs into these chewy, crispy rice and marshmallow brain bites.

17. Sausage mummies

These sausage mummies are a great spooky treat for a Halloween party.

18. Tombstone biscuits

Decorate these tombstone biscuits with your own creepy Halloween messages.

19. Spider bread

Or for something more savoury, this tear-and-share spider bread recipe makes a spooky party centrepiece you can fill with your favourite dips.