Jack-o'-Lantern orange jellies & 'rotten' apples

Jack-o’-Lantern orange jellies & ‘rotten’ apples

For Jack-o'-Lanterns with a red glow use a raspberry or strawberry jelly.

By , 21 September 2015
Jack-o’-Lantern orange jellies & ‘rotten’ apples
  • Ready in: 60 mins
  • Serves: 6
  • Price: 98p per serving
Nutritional Info
Each 100g serving contains
  • Fat low
  • Saturates low
  • Sugars high
  • Salt low
  • Energy 708KJ 169KCAL
of your reference intake.
Typical energy values per 100g: 708kJ/169kcal.
  • 6 large oranges
  • 2 packs of Asda Chosen by you Orange Flavour Jelly
  • 400ml Asda Chosen by You Orange Juice
  • 6 large Asda eating apples
  • 95g Asda Super Sour Snakes
  • To make the Jack-o-Lanterns:

  • Cut the tops of 6 large oranges and scoop out the segments with a teaspoon. Place a sieve over a large bowl. Put the segments in the sieve and press with a large spoon to extract the juice.

  • Break 2 packs Asda Chosen by you Orange Flavour Jelly into squares and put in a 1 litre measuring jug. Add boiling water to 500ml and stir until they dissolve. Top up to 900ml with orange juice, then pour into the orange shells.

  • Put on a tray and leave in the fridge for an hour, or until set. When the jelly has set, use a small, sharp knife to cut out scary faces.

  • To make the rotten apples:

  • Use an apple corer to create holes in large eating apples. Brush the holes with some lemon juice to stop them from turning brown.

  • Stick in some creepy crawly sour-flavoured sweets.