James Martin in the kitchen

James Martin’s secret to a seriously special sarnie

They're a UK obsession and this chef is partial to one too

By Asda Good Living, 16 June 2016
James Martin’s secret to a seriously special sarnie

Us Brits love nothing more than a sandwich and it's arguably one of our most famous exports to the rest of the world! We munch through over 11.5 billion sandwiches each year as a nation and plain cheese is the top choice of filling.

Given that it's such a staple, we asked Asda's James Martin how to make the most of our favourite lunch. 

'The secret to a special sandwich is always great quality ingredients and fillings, go for the best that you can. I do so many different things with mine but remember, you aren't trying to reinvent the wheel.'

And with warm wraps a growing market in the shops, James admits he hits his oven to upgrade his sarnie. 'I like to wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the oven, this makes an ace toasted-style sandwich.'

Look out for James' super sandwich video guide coming soon…

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