Oranges in caramel

Oranges in caramel

Full of flavour, the caramelised sugar soaks into the tangy oranges for a sweet, sticky citrus treat.

, 21 September 2015

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Oranges in caramel
  • 30 Mins

  • Serves: 4

  • Price: 36p per serving

Nutritional Info
Each 256g serving contains
  • Energy



  • Fat



  • Saturates



  • Sugars



  • Salt



of your 5-a-day
of your reference intake.
Typical energy values per 100g: 507kJ/121kcal.
  • 4 large oranges
  • 225g granulated sugar
  • Using a vegetable peeler, thinly peel the orange-coloured part of the rind off one of the oranges, taking care not to take any of the white pith. Cut the peel into short, thin strips. Put in a small pan, cover with water and simmer for 5 minutes. Drain, then put the strips on triple-thickness kitchen roll to absorb any excess moisture.

  • Using a small, sharp knife, cut the top and bottom off all the oranges, then slice off the peel and pith; do this on a large plate so you can save any juice that runs out. Put the reserved juice in a measuring jug. Cut each orange into 4 thick slices widthways, then reassemble each fruit to look like a whole orange. Put on small serving dishes.

  • Put the sugar in a very small pan with 150ml water and warm over a low heat until all the sugar has dissolved; do not stir or it will crystallise. Increase the heat and boil, without stirring, until golden brown. Immediately remove from the heat and add 150ml cold water; stand back as you do this because the mixture will splutter. Stir well to dissolve any lumps.

  • Add the strips of orange peel to the mixture and simmer for 2 minutes. Stir in any reserved orange juice.

  • Pour over the oranges and chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.