Our best rainbow recipes

Does anything cheer you up quite like rainbow-coloured cupcakes, lollies, or even toast?

Our best rainbow recipes

Let's face it, rainbow-coloured foods are fun – and anyone who has experienced the joys of a kaleidoscopic cake, jelly or ice lolly will certainly agree!

Of course, you can 'eat a rainbow' and eat well, too, with vibrant salad bowls and veggie-topped pizzas. Here are a handful of our favourite, ultra-colourful recipes to brighten up your dinner table (and mood)…

Rainbow unicorn toast

Believe it or not, the toppings for this Unicorn toast are all naturally coloured! We've stirred blueberries, green Matcha powder, yellow turmeric and red raspberries into plain yogurt, before creating a pretty stripe effect on wholemeal toast. Here's to starting the day the colourful way…

Briony Williams' Rainbow Cake 

Whether or not you have something in particular to celebrate, we suggest you have a go at making this stunning rainbow cake, courtesy of Bake Off's Briony Williams. This treat has five bright layers and rainbow-striped meringues for the perfect finishing touch.

Rainbow cupcakes 

Get creative with your baking – these cupcakes top a multicoloured batter with equally bright icing. Use whichever food colourings you prefer, and if these treats are still not jazzy enough for you, why not throw on some sprinkles for good measure!

Rocket rainbow ice lollies 

Hot summer days call for sweet, refreshing ice lollies – and these fruit rockets taste as good as they look. Made from blitzed-up kiwi, melon and strawberries frozen in layers, they're all-natural, with no added sugar. 

Rainbow salad rolls

Cutting down on carbs? Look no further than these crunchy rolls, which are packed full of houmous, peppers, carrot, cucumber and creamy avocado. Throw in a bit of shredded mint and coriander for added flavour, then serve these beauties as a healthy starter or light lunch. 

Colours of the rainbow pizza 

The best way to get kids to eat their veg? Throw it on a pizza! Use whichever veggies you like – the more the merrier… We've topped our version with sweetcorn, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and rocket, but mushrooms, broccoli, kale or spinach would work just as well. Who could possibly resist this recipe?


Rainbow salad bowl with sriracha dressing

It's not surprising that this rainbow salad bowl delivers an impressive 3 of your 5-a-day – from beetroot to black beans, plus carrot, lettuce, radishes, cucumber and avocado, this recipe piles veg on top of veg, along with eggs and a punchy dressing on the side.

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