Strawberry cream pink profiteroles

With a surprise sweet strawberry filling, these are the perfect dinner party treat

, 03 September 2018

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Strawberry cream pink profiteroles
  • Cook: 1 Hour
    plus cooling

  • Serves: 25

  • Price: 18p per serving

Nutritional Info
Each 54g serving contains
  • Energy



  • Fat



  • Saturates



  • Sugars



  • Salt



of your reference intake.
Typical energy values per 100g: 992kJ/237kcal.
  • 1tsp rapeseed oil
  • 85g unsalted butter, cubed
  • 105g plain flour, sifted
  • 3 medium eggs, beaten
  • 300g strawberries, tops removed and finely chopped
  • 200ml whipping cream
  • 150g Fage Total 0% Fat Natural Greek Recipe Strained Yogurt
  • 115g icing sugar
  • Dr. Oetker Food Colour Gel in Pink
  • Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6. Very lightly oil 2 large baking trays.

  • Place 220ml water and the butter in a pan. Heat gently until the butter has melted then bring it up to a rolling boil. Remove from the heat and immediately add the flour; beat with an electric whisk until smooth and slightly cooled.

  • Return the mixture to the pan and gradually beat in the egg, a little at a time, until you have a silky, smooth paste that is slow to drop from the spoon (you may not need all the egg).

  • Place teaspoons of the batter, 4-5cm apart, onto the baking trays. Dampen a finger with water and use to smooth out any peaks on the batter. Sprinkle the trays with a few drops of water.

  • Bake in the oven for 20-30 mins until golden, risen and a crisp shell has formed. Remove from the oven and use a skewer to make a small hole in each bun to release the steam. Return to the oven for 5-6 mins then transfer to a wire rack to cool fully.

  • Meanwhile, place the strawberries in a pan over a medium heat and cook for 15-20 mins, stirring occasionally, until they have broken down into a thick sauce. Cool fully.

  • Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks, then whisk in 1tbsp icing sugar and the yogurt. Swirl through the cooled strawberries. Spoon the cream into a piping bag fitted with a small circular nozzle.

  • Push the nozzle into each choux bun and pipe in a little of the strawberry cream.

  • Mix the remaining icing sugar with enough water to create a thick, smooth paste. Divide the icing between 2 bowls and add a drop of the pink food colour gel to 1 of the bowls and stir to combine.

  • Dip half the choux buns in the white icing and half in the pink icing. Stack in a pyramid shape, alternating colours, on a platter and serve within 2hrs.