The best poached egg recipes

With its perfectly gooey yolk, you can't beat a good poached egg, as these recipes prove

The best poached egg recipes

Poaching eggs takes a little bit of practice – but once you've nailed it, you'll have access to a whole world of tastiness.

After all, what could be simpler (or more delicious) as a snack, starter or light supper than grilled fresh asparagus, dunked in creamy egg yolks? When you're after a fast, nutritious and satisfying breakfast, you can't beat poached eggs on toast. And what goes best with a stack of bubble and squeak? You guessed it! Poached eggs again.

We've rounded up our all-time favourite poached egg recipes, whatever your mood… But first off, here's a masterclass on how to poach to perfection, with our food editor Gregor:

How to poach the perfect egg

According to Gregor, the key things to keep in mind when poaching an egg are: 

  • Use a fresh egg 

  • Crack your egg into a cup, ramekin or saucer first

  • Create a whirlpool effect in a pan of simmering water

  • Add the egg gently 

  • Remove the cooked egg carefully and drain before serving.

See the full instructions here.

Poached egg on avocado toast

Possibly one of the most Instagrammed breakfasts ever, there's a reason why this brunch dish is so popular – it's delicious! It's also easy to prepare, and looks rather impressive served up. Make sure to use ripe avos…

pea fritters with poached egg

Frankly, any kind of fritter would be delicious topped with a poached egg, but these patties – made with frozen peas, cheese, spring onions and herbs – are quick and easy to make, and seriously tasty. Try out this recipe for a simple supper or hearty lunch.

bubble and squeak topped with a poached egg

Those leftover spuds and cabbage (or sprouts) can be whipped up into the most delicious brunch, lunch or supper – bubble and squeak. Topped with a soft poached egg, this dish is hard to resist!

poached eggs on toast with asparagus parcels 

Crispy ham, ciabatta toast, luscious asparagus and soft poached eggs – what's not to like about this impressive-looking brunch dish?

Leek risotto with poached egg

Give your simple risotto a decadent twist with a creamy poached egg… Using frozen broad beans, leeks, lemon and parsley, this dish is a real crowd-pleaser.

Chicken caesar salad with poached egg 

The poached eggs in this chicken Caesar salad recipe add another layer of richness to the (already creamy) dressing. Top with plenty of Parmesan shavings and serve as a summery dinner or luxurious lunch.

Grilled asparagus with crispy chorizo and poached egg

Spicy chorizo works perfectly with poached eggs and asparagus. Throw in a squeeze of lemon and some crusty bread, and this dish ticks all the boxes as a light summer supper.

Got you in the mood for a poached egg? Thought so! Find everything you need to get cracking in your local store.