Falafel wrap

The best recipes for International Falafel Day

From salads to wraps, here are the best ways to enjoy this Middle Eastern-style trea

The best recipes for International Falafel Day

We don't exactly need an excuse to tuck into a hearty falafel wrap – but since International Falafel Day falls on 12 June, we'll make a special effort to get our hands on as many of those tasty treats as possible.

A popular Middle Eastern fast food dish made from ground chickpeas or broad beans (or both), plus herbs, spices, and seasonings, falafels are usually vegan*, so pretty much everyone can enjoy them! 

To celebrate, we've rounded up our favourite ultra-tasty and simple falafel recipes for you to try your hand at…

*Check the packaging.


Falafel yogurt and mini flatbread 

Speedy, super-easy and oh-so delicious, this single-serving dish combines a warm flatbread, soft ready-made falafels, creamy houmous and crunchy veg, dressed with yogurt and a sprinkling of mint. We'd serve this recipe as a tasty lunch or veggie dinner.

Falafel salad with tahini dressing

We've gone all out and made the falafels from scratch for this colourful salad recipe. Not that it's tricky – you simply need to blitz the ingredients in a food processor, before shaping into patties and baking. Serve warm, with a citrus-dressed salad.

Vegan falafel wraps with spiced wedges and pickles 

Whipped up using ready-made sweet potato falafels, these veggie parcels combine hummus with gherkins, cabbage, quick-pickled onions and plenty of herbs. A great alternative to the classic meat kebab – serve with homemade spiced potato wedges.

falafel wraps with sweet potato wedges 

Lunch doesn't get much better than freshly-fried falafels in a warm, soft wrap – dressed with a generous dollop of houmous, of course. Throw a portion of sweet potato fries into the mix and you've got yourself one seriously scrumptious dish.

Salmon and beetroot falafel

We've livened up regular falafels with beetroot and cashews, before shaping the tasty mixture into balls and baking in the oven. They just so happen to work perfectly with salmon fillets, couscous and salad for the perfect summer supper!

In the mood for some falafels? Stock up on all the ingredients you need online or pop into your local store.