Treacle toffee

Treacle toffee

This smooth, sweet treat has a rich treacly taste and deliciously chewy texture.

By , 21 September 2015
Treacle toffee
  • Ready in: 45 mins
  • Serves: 20
  • Price: 8p per serving
Nutritional Info
Each 34g serving contains
  • Fat low
  • Saturates low
  • Sugars high
  • Salt low
  • Energy 502KJ 120KCAL
of your reference intake.
Typical energy values per 100g: 1476kJ/353kcal.
  • Butter, for greasing
  • 450g dark brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 115g black treacle
  • 115g golden syrup
  • Line a square tin, about 23cm x 23cm, with baking paper, then grease well.

  • Put the sugar and 125ml water in a pan. Heat until dissolved. Add the cream of tartar, treacle and syrup, and boil gently. Don't stir or it may crystallise. Watch all the time because it burns easily; it will take 15 to 30 minutes to become toffee.

  • After 15 minutes, test it by dropping 1/4 tsp of the toffee into a large bowl of very cold water. It's ready if it form a ball that's hard but changes shape when firmly squeezed; this will give you a chewy toffee. For a harder toffee, keep boiling until it forms hard but bendable threads when dropped in cold water. Test every few minutes until ready.

  • Immediately pour into the tin and leave to cool. Once almost set, mark into segments with a greased knife. Cut or break into pieces when cold.