6 time-saving tips for freezing your favourite foods

Get on board with our Love Food Hate Waste campaign and save time and money with these savvy fruit and veg freezing tips

6 time-saving tips for freezing your favourite foods

If you’re tired of seeing your delicious fresh food turn past its best before you’ve even had a chance to tuck in - fruit and veggies, we’re looking at you - you’re not alone.

Freezing fresh food will help to prolong their freshness - and save time and money in the process too!

In fact, as a country we end up throwing a whopping 7 million tonnes of food and drink into the bin each year. That’s enough to fill five full-sized football stadiums!

It’s a habit that’s costing us all cash too. Did you know most families throw away around £60 a month in waste food? That’s just over £700 a year per household.

So at Asda, we’re calling time on food waste with our Easy Freezy campaign and savvy food hacks to help you get the best out of your groceries, all in aid of Love Food, Hate Waste. Freezing fresh food to help prolong their freshness - and save time and money in the process too - is just one of the brilliant tips we’ve got up our sleeves.

Intrigued? Here are 6 ways to do it with everything from bananas and grapes to avocados and stock veggies.


Bananas can quickly turn brown, especially in warm weather, so save yourself from throwing out half the bunch by chopping them up and freezing in a small storage box. You can throw them straight into a blender to whip up a quick smoothie in the morning, or use them as a base for healthy banana ice cream.


If you’ve spotted that your grapes don’t have long left, pop them into an ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze for grape flavoured cubes. They’re great to chill any beverage - especially a nice glass of rosé wine.

Stock veggies

If you’ve got carrots, parsnips, leeks or onions that that are on the turn, whip up some stock by covering them in water, bringing to the boil and simmering for an hour, before straining and leaving to cool. You can then freeze the stock in ice trays or baby food pots, and use them to add flavour to your dinner dishes through the week.


Pop fresh berries into plastic bags or boxes and keep in the freezer, so that you always have fresh fruit that’s ready to go when whipping up quick breakfast smoothies. The chilled temperature makes a post-exercise smoothie all the more delicious!

Stone fruits

From peaches to avocados, stone fruits are among the most wasted of food items since they can become overly ripe fairly quickly. To save them from ending up in the bin, chop, peel and de-stone, before popping into separate freezer bags. If you love fresh guacamole, use the frozen avocado to whip up your own mid-week fajita filling, while peaches can be added to smoothies or defrosted and used in fruit pies. 


If you’re constantly throwing away bread that’s growing mould, start storing your loaf in the freezer instead. Defrost individual slices as you go, and keep it fresh for weeks.