What to eat on St. Patrick’s Day

The ultimate Irish grub guide

What to eat on St. Patrick’s Day

We all know what to drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – Guinness of course! But to get into the true spirit of paying homage to Ireland’s patron saint, you also need an authentic Irish feast to complete your tribute. We spoke to top Irish food writer, Niamh Shields from, to find out exactly what we should be eating to complement our Guinness this year:

What’s a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal?

On St Patrick's Day, Irish families will be at the local St Patrick's Day parade. There is no traditional meal as such, but if people want something that is Irish they will look to bacon and cabbage or an Irish stew made with lamb chops.

What’s your favourite Irish recipe?

There are many! And it depends on my mood. For example this morning, I had potato cakes for breakfast made with leftover mash. So delicious! 

Any tips for cooking with Guinness?

If using Guinness, especially with meats, it is best to go low and slow so that the sweetness of the meat blends with, and counters the bitterness of the Guinness. It works so well, but it must be cooked for a long time.

Meats that work well with Guinness?

Beef and lamb work particularly well with Guinness. But even bacon does too! Bacon is naturally sweet and salty and works very well with bitter drinks.

What’s a good breakfast for the morning after St. Patrick's Day?

There HAS to be eggs involved. I would go for potato cakes with wilted kale, poached eggs and hollandaise.

Inspired by Niamh's advice, we've rounded up some of our favourite St. Patrick's Day recipes to get you started on the 17th...

Guinness-battered onion rings

These Guinness-battered onion rings may just be the perfect appetiser for St Patrick's Day. Crispy and hot, they come with a stout-laced ketchup, too.

Irish stew toastie with a tangy guinness sauce

What could be better than a bowl of Irish stew? Well, we'll tell you: a warm, cheesy Irish stew toastie! Potatoes, grated carrot, cheese, pastrami and spring onion are stuffed into butter-laden toast and topped with a Guinness sauce for the most comforting lunch you could ask for this St. Patrick's Day.

Steak and Guinness pie

Not only can you drink the stout, you can cook with it, too! This amazing pie filled with stewing steak, mushrooms and Guinness is topped with puff pastry. Can we have some right now please?

Guinness cake

Guinness adds a deliciously rich and malty flavour to this celebratory chocolate cake, and topped with sweet cream cheese, it really is an incredible tasting bake. You have to try it!