Cleaning the oven revealed to be our most hated chore

And scrubbing the loo comes in at a close number two, according to new survey

Cleaning the oven revealed to be our most hated chore

New research has revealed that we’re a nation tired of tedious tasks. In fact, the average Brit is currently putting off six household jobs that they can’t face and most would rather pay around £87 to a professional to take over gardening or DIY duties they really don't want to do. 

Cleaning the oven came in at our number one least enjoyed job. Other tasks we really dislike include, emptying the cat litter tray, defrosting the freezer and changing the bed.

Not all household jobs were hated. In contrast, Brits enjoy hanging out the washing on the line, jet washing the patio and pairing up socks.

A spokesman for the survey of 1,000, conducted by Anglian Home Improvements says: 

“We are a house proud nation, but it seems we may never learn to love certain jobs around the home. Thankfully, help is on hand, whether this means calling in parents or the professionals. And there will always be a list of chores we find therapeutic to give us the feeling of satisfaction that our homes are in order.”

Most disliked household chores in the UK

1. Cleaning the oven

2. Cleaning the toilet

3. Ironing

4. Painting the ceiling

5. Weeding the garden

6. Re grouting the bathroom tiles

7. Defrosting the freezer

8. Repainting skirting boards

9. Cleaning the barbecue

10. Cleaning out the fridge

11. Vacuuming behind the bed

12. Dusting ornaments

13. Putting a clean duvet cover on the bed

14. Emptying the cat litter tray

15. Sorting out the attic

16. Cleaning the bath

17. Assembling flat pack furniture

18. Vacuuming the stairs

19. Putting out the rubbish

20. Mopping / steaming floors

21. Mowing the lawn

22. Cleaning the fish tank

23. Sorting out the garage

24. Fixing dripping tap

25. Filling cracks in the wall

26. Fixing curtain rails

27. Cleaning garden furniture

28. Polishing silver/brass

29. Putting up shelves

30. Dusting the TVs

31. Cleaning mirrors

32. Hanging pictures

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