Pretty storage boxes with baskets and plants

Revamp Your Storage Space With These Simple Tricks

Whether you're a hoarder or neat freak, here's how to stow stuff in style!

Revamp Your Storage Space With These Simple Tricks

Storage may not be our favourite thing to think about, but utilising good home storage solutions can transform both our living space and ourselves – after all, who doesn't feel better after a quick clean up? It's a well-known fact that a clean and tidy home will leave you feeling more serene too.

'Clever storage is the best way to keep things organised and make your home an enjoyable place to live'

But what is good storage, and how do we go about achieving it without spending our life savings in the process? It's easier than you think; all you need is a few simple tricks. And who better to divulge them than an interior designer? We talked to Pippa Jameson, interior designer extraordinaire, to find out her top tips for making the most of your space. 

Neat ideas

‘Think stylish as well as practical, such as ladders for displaying bathroom accessories and keeping towels handy, plus baskets for things you’d rather keep hidden, like toilet rolls.’

One of the biggest mistakes we make with storage is to think of it as just that: storage. Good home storage solutions work on two levels – first as storage, and secondly, as furniture or accessories in themselves.

Start off by looking around your home at your usual decor. Recognise the look and feel you like, and then choose storage that naturally melds in with this overall design. And of course, always remember to think outside the box. If you're short on space, look at hanging or tapered storage, such as baskets or a chic ladder. 

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Light up

‘Adding stick-on ceiling lights inside cupboards makes it easier to organise the area.’

Storage is usually associated with dark, dank or untidy spaces where you hide away anything and everything from the world. Who cares what it looks like inside, right? WRONG. It's time to change your perspective. By making storage something you can be proud of, you'll automatically feel more organised and on top of things, and may even actually enjoy spending time sorting through your old stuff too! The key to this is in accessorising – particularly when it comes to lighting. Shine a light on your storage and your space will instantly transform to look bigger and better.

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Get creative

‘Make something you already have double up as a storage solution – keep your airing cupboard super-tidy by placing duvet cover and sheet sets inside a matching pillow case so it’s all easy to find.’ 

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to go out and buy all new storage to transform your space – in fact, you've probably got a lot more storage options already that you realise. Tables that double up as boxes, cloth tote bags or memorabilia from shows and events, and even pretty tins or jars that you're not using anymore can all be given a second life as storage solutions. The only limit is your imagination!

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