Folded t-shirts on wooden chairs

How to fold a t-shirt in just two seconds

Prepare to be amazed

How to fold a t-shirt in just two seconds

Who ever thought that folding t-shirts could be interesting? However you currently fold your t-shirts it's generally downright boring, hard to get right and often they just end up in a crumpled mess at the bottom of our drawer. GAH!

But this is all a thing of the past, thanks to Serbian YouTuber Korpe4r's video. Posted by YouTube channel Howcast, the one-minute how-to video shows Korpe4r expertly achieving military-precision folding in just two seconds flat. TWO SECONDS! Intrigued? Watch the video below to see for yourself...

So how exactly does he do it? And more importantly – can we master it too? Although it looks tricky at first glance, Korpe4r breaks it down into five easy steps that anyone can do at home.

The Method

Step one: Lie the t-shirt flat on a table top.

Step two: Using your right hand, pinch the t-shirt at the shoulder furthest away from you. With your left hand, pinch the middle area of the t-shirt halfway down from the first pinch.

Step three: While still holding the two points, cross your right hand over your left hand, bringing the shirt's shoulder to the bottom hem. Without letting go of the shoulder, grab the hem in the pinch too. 

Step four: This is the trickiest part. Lifting the shirt into the air, keep hold of the two points while uncrossing your arms. This should twist the t-shirt round so that you can see the front.

Step five: Finally, fold the leftover sleeve under the rest of the t-shirt and smooth down.

And there you have it: perfectly folded t-shirts for everyone!

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