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How to stop spiders coming into your home

Keep the spiders out of the house with these simple, harm-free tips and tricks

How to stop spiders coming into your home

As the nights start drawing in and the temperatures drop, you might begin to notice some new, eight-legged friends lurking around the house.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Buckle up: it's spider season.

Whether you're scared of the little critters or not, it's hard not to grimace at the thought of creepy-crawlies running riot around your home.

And while spiders do have their good points (goodbye flies and mosquitoes), they are still unwelcome house guests and the longer they're left, the more webs you'll have to hoover up around the place.

We've scoured the internet for the best tips and tricks that'll help to stop spiders moving into your house. From essential oils to simply hoovering, check out our findings below. You're welcome!

Spray your house with essential oils

Fun fact: spiders aren't a big fan of strong smells. Spritz fresh-smelling essential oils like peppermint, tea-tree, eucalyptus, citrus and lavender around your home (especially entrances like doors and windows) to deter critters from entering and freshen up your rooms at the same time.

As autumn and winter go on, why not try changing up your oil of choice to keep things fresh? Just like humans, spiders get used to smells after a while, so switching it up makes sure they stay away.

Get rid of clutter and plants around the outside of the house

If possible, reduce the amount of clutter around the outside of your home, which acts as playgrounds for critters and might lead the way into your lovely, dry home. Rocks, wood, compost piles and climbing plants are all ideal spots for our eight-legged friends to lie low.

Add window boxes to the outside of the house

If you've already got windowboxes installed and don't feel like ripping them out in order to reduce the number of critters creeping in, try planting strong-smelling shrubs and plants like mint, basil and lavender which all have strong smells that'll deter the critters from making themselves at home.

Window boxes full of fresh herbs and lavender will not only keep the outside of your house looking beautiful and spider-free, but you'll also have a lush herb garden at your fingertips too.

Keep your home clutter-free

There are two reasons spiders like a cluttered dirty home: first, it gives them more places to hide. Second, dirt - like old food - attracts other pests like flies and ants, which spiders love to feast on.

Keep your home clean and clutter-free by hoovering regularly and cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen. When hoovering, don't forget to look up to the corners of the ceiling for webs and hoover them up as you go.


There's a reason this old folk remedy has such a reputation - spiders really do seem to dislike conkers!

Pop conkers (or walnuts and chestnuts) into corners where spiders seem to gather and rest. Although no one knows exactly why spiders seem to dislike these objects, some people guess that conkers contain some sort of chemical that spiders can't bear the smell of. Try splitting one open or poking holes into it to let its smell loose and intensify the conker's effects.

It might be time to get a cat…

Don't tell the kids, but getting a new pet might be a good idea after all.

Known for their natural hunting instincts, cats are the perfect house-guard against all pests and vermin, from flies and spiders to mice and rats. Not only will they scare critters away, but they'll keep away too thanks to cats' distinctive scent. Purr-fect!

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