7 storage mistakes you don’t know you’re making

The important items that you’re probably storing in the wrong place

7 storage mistakes you don’t know you’re making

We all know that clever storage solutions can be total space savers, nixing clutter and helping us be more organised. But it turns out that storing things properly could do more for our lives than simply tidy up our homes and give us some peace of mind. 

We've rounded up some clever storage tips so that you can keep your belongings fresh, safe and usable for longer.

Storing certain items incorrectly, such as photos and clothes, could lead to accidentally blemishing them or causing irreparable damage. Meanwhile, not storing food properly could mean that produce goes off before its best by date. Translation? You could end up wasting your precious pennies or worse, like losing something irreplaceable or getting ill. But when it comes to knowing how to store your stuff, what's the best way to ensure that the items you care about are taken care of?

We've rounded up some clever storage tips so that you can keep your belongings fresh, safe and usable for longer. Discover seven common storage mistakes, plus how to store items properly. From coffee and clothes to wine and toothbrushes, we’ve got you covered. 


Think the freezer is the best place to store coffee? Think again! When you freeze coffee that you use every day, the fluctuating temperatures created by all that opening and closing can cause moisture to build up in your coffee container, which means your morning cup of Joe will taste bland and stale. No thanks! Another reason to keep coffee away from the freezer? Your grounds just might take on the flavour of whatever else you're storing in there - not so bad if it's chocolate ice cream, but less than ideal when it's garlic and onions. Your best bet is to keep coffee in a sealed, air-tight container, away from light and in room temperature. 


Those memories are precious, so make sure you preserve photos properly in order to keep them safe. That means keeping them away from damp basements, dirty garages, or warm attics. Intead, store photographs in a cool, dry place and away from light in order to prevent damage. And just because all your photos are digital, don't think that they're immune to damage either - your computer or device could get stolen or break. Make sure to keep a back-up of all your precious digital photos, either on a cloud storage stystem or external hard drive.

Important documents

Do you know where your birth certificate is? How about your medial records? Separate folders are great but in the case of emergency, it's better to keep everything together in one safe place. It’s boring work, but set aside some time this weekend so that you can organise all your important documents into a weather and fireproof container that you can grab quickly if necessary. 


You might think that storing toothbrushes in a container or inside your bathroom cabinet will keep nasty germs away, but this could actually create a moist environment which in turns allows bacteria grow. Instead, store your toothbrush in an upright position and let the toothbrush air-dry until you're ready to use it again. Also, make sure toothbrush heads don't touch each other and always close the toilet lid before flushing to prevent any particles from landing on your toothbrush. Yuck!


Do you tend to throw your clothes into a pile in the bedroom until the weekend when you get round to doing laundry? In an ideal world, you would use the brilliant KonMari method for every item of clothing you own and enjoy perfectly organised drawers and cupboards. But most of us simply don't have the time to perfectly fold every item of clothing while sending them good thoughts and thinking about how much joy they bring to our lives. However, properly folding and storing clothes means that they'll look nicer for longer so it is worth developing some sort of system that works for you. Invest in hangers and storage boxes to keep clothes wrinkle-free and also moth paper to keeps pesky bugs away. 


Think that the kitchen or garage are the best places to store wine? Not so! The kitchen is likely too warm and the garage has too many temperature fluctuations. To properly store wine, keep bottles in a cool spot and away from direct sunlight. Try underneath the stairs or in a cool cupboard. If your bottle has a cork, be sure to store the wine on its side to keep the cork from drying out which spoils the wine. 


Most of us keep our medicines in the bathroom but all that shower steam and bright lighting could be causing damage, making medication less potent. Instead, find a cool, dark spot for your medication like a dresser drawer. And make sure to always check the bottle for specific storage instructions.

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