how to wash white towels

5 ways to keep your white towels bright and fluffy

Say goodbye to shades of grey

5 ways to keep your white towels bright and fluffy

A cosy white bath towel isn’t just a dreamy thing to wrap up in after a soak - they also look brilliant folded on the rack. Unless of course, you’re struggling to keeps yours white and fluffy.

With daily use and regular washing, you’re not alone in the fight to keep your white towels looking bright - those shades of grey can happen to everyone.

Which is exactly why we’ve rounded up some of the best white towel hacks out there.

From how to wash them to keep them looking extra bright, to how to keep them feeling super soft and fluffy, here are all the tricks you need to solve the white towel problem.

1. Try a cold wash

Though washing your towels on a hot wash cycle may have become the norm, a colder wash could be better for keeping them in good condition. Along with preventing shrinkage and keeping colours true, a cold wash will also help to keep mildew at bay—which can easily build up in damp bathrooms.

2. Don’t over dry them

Overdrying your towels either in the tumble dryer or on a radiator can damage the cotton fibres, leaving you with a towel that’s lost its softness. Instead, remove your towels just before they’re fully dry, and hang them somewhere for the air to finish them off. Be wary of folding them up while damp, as mildew can grow.

3. Use less detergent

Adding too much detergent and fabric softener to your load can mean that towels aren’t always rinsed clean—this build up of product can damage the fabric fibres, and also make your towels less supple (i.e not soft and fluffy). Check your washing machine handbook for the manufacturer's recommendations, and if you’re guessing the right amount, lean towards the ‘less is more’ school of thought.

4. Hold the bleach

Whitening bleaches can sometimes damage your towels, by breaking down and weakening the fibres. Instead, try soaking your towels in a solution of a baking soda and water before putting them in the machine. Adding a little baking soda to your wash cycle detergent can help too, as can distilled white vinegar added during the rinse cycle.

5. Keep it regular

While it can be tempting to try and not ‘over wash’ your towels for fear that they’ll go grey and scratchy, it’s best to wash them every three to four days. Hygiene of course being the top reason, but it’s also a good idea to avoid letting dirt and stains settle on the fabric for too long. Don’t forget your hand towels too!

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