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Watch Marie Kondo’s revolutionary folding method - and learn how to declutter your home for good

The world's most famous tidying expert has the key to a happier, healthier home

Watch Marie Kondo’s revolutionary folding method - and learn how to declutter your home for good

Do you often find yourself drowning in clutter? Then you need Japanese organisational guru Marie Kondo in your life. Already a huge celebrity in Japan, Marie Kondo is currently taking the world by storm with her brilliant decluttering and cleaning tips known as the 'KonMari method'. Devotees of the method swear by its calming and life-changing results. By adapting the KonMari method, you can simplify your home and add more peace of mind and joy to your life in the process. And the best part is that according to Marie, you only need to declutter your home once and then never again! Are you ready to take your spring cleaning to the next level?

Marie Kondo has been obsessed with organising since she was a little girl, a passion she turned into a highly successful consultancy business that has a three-month waiting list. Eager to help more people, Marie released her first book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up five years ago to rave reviews, over two million copies sold and with celebrity fans like Jamie Lee Curtis and Kate Hudson. She has now released her second book, Spark Joy, offering even more organising and cleaning tips.


The idea behind tidying your home with the KonMari method is simple. Instead of coming home and feeling exasperated or overwhelmed, Marie wants you to feel joyful and proud. It may sound too good to be true, but Marie says you can create more space and declutter your home in one fell swoop. Here are the basic principles of the KonMari method:

The most important principle of the KonMari method is to only keep items in your home that bring you joy. Marie encourages touching your items, really thinking about how they make you feel and asking yourself, 'does this bring me joy?' And for those items that are destined for the skip? Make sure to thank them before saying good-bye, says Marie. It's about respecting your items (instead of just tossing them all over your home).

But perhaps the most revolutionary cleaning tip of the KonMari method is Marie Kondo's clever folding technique. Instead of folding clothes into piles, Marie recommends folding them in rectangles and placing them next to each other. When a piece of clothing is folded correctly, it should be able to stand on its own. Watch the KonMari folding technique in action below – we think this might just change your life!

The same techinique also applies for trousers:

And even t-shirts!

Watch Marie using her patented folding technique to create the perfect underwear drawer:

Not only does this method leave clothes looking neat and tidy, but because it showcases everything you own in an easy-to-find display. No more ripping out that blue jumper from the bottom of the pile!

One of the more surprising aspects of the KonMari method is to sort and purge by category, instead of by room. That's because many items, such as clothes and books, are often scattered throughout the house and not just in one room. Marie also doesn't believe in fancy storage units and techniques, instead encouraging people to place items where they are visible, easily-accessible and can quickly be grabbed and then put back with minimal fuss.

Purging your home of items that do not bring you any joy and finding an appropriate place for all the items that do, can take as little as a few hours or a few months. But once it's done, Marie claims that you won't have to worry about tidying your home ever again. Now, that's definitely an idea that we can get on board with!

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