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How to steam clean your home

We talk to Good Housekeeping's Head of Testing to discover why you need a steam cleaner in your home

How to steam clean your home

Thought a steam cleaner was only for cleaning floors? Think again. A steam cleaner can actually be used to clean a whole host of household items, meaning that it could be your new favourite household helper. Don't believe us? Head of Testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Trisha Schofield, says this nifty appliance is a household must-have – and she should know, she’s tried out dozens of them!

‘The beauty of [a] steam cleaner is it’s so versatile,’ she explains. ‘It cleans naturally without chemicals and, with steam evaporating at speed, surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water.’ 

Find out below how you can steam clean your house with ease:

Steam your sofa

Couches and curtains can be cleaned with the steam brush, and the detachable handheld unit is perfect for car seats. The angled nozzle reaches cracks and crevices where the kids’ crumbs lurk!

Dust off plants

When rubbery-leaved house plants get dusty, use the spray nozzle from a distance – it’s quicker and more effective than a duster. Avoid steam-dusting fragile leaves as it can kill them.

Lose the lime scale

The jet-nozzle attachment will blast stubborn areas of scale from taps, toilets and sinks. And use it along with the brush to lift grease and grime away from hobs, barbecues and grills.

Freshen up beds

High-temperature steam kills germs and dust mites, so use it to disinfect your mattresses and pet beds – they’ll dry within minutes. There’s even a microfibre pad to pick up pet hair.

Blitz your blinds

The angled nozzle makes dusting the slats a breeze. You can clean your windows, too – the squeegee tool gives a streak-free finish.

Defrost the freezer

Steaming is far safer than attacking the ice with a kitchen knife – plus the heat will sterilise surfaces. 


Convinced? Head to Asda online to check out the great range of steam cleaners available.